Things to Look for in a Serviced Apartment Provider

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Serviced apartments are a growing trend and many people are opting to stay at them as opposed to traditional hotels. They are especially popular amongst professional employees who have to travel to new cities for work duties.

If you decide that you do want to stay in a serviced apartment, then there are a few things which you should consider first.

#1: Is the Provider Reputable?

If you are going to be spending a fairly long period of time staying at a serviced apartment, say a month or more, then you need to know whether you are booking with a provider that has a good reputation. It is easy to suss this out by looking through the Internet and finding out what previous guests have had to say. If you are looking to stay in Liverpool, for instance, check out Dream Apartments at  for an example of what to look for.

Whilst most serviced apartment providers are fantastic, there are a few out there who will make it seem like you are getting a great deal but, in actual fact, you’re not.  Make sure you research thoroughly before making a booking.

#2: Does the Serviced Apartment Come with Everything You Need?

Although the clue is largely in the name, serviced apartments don’t always have everything which you may need. With a serviced apartment, you can expect to find facilities such as a fully-equipped kitchen, reliable internet and utilities which are paid for by the service provider, separate living, sleeping and sometimes study space, and your own bathroom. If you need anything extra, however, such as a gym, it is worth looking at specific service providers and seeing what they have on offer.

#3: What is Their Customer Service Like?

Serviced apartment providers tend to offer round-the-clock concierge and customer service for their guests, but not all of them do. Thankfully, most serviced apartment providers are well aware of the importance of providing a hotel-like service whilst still maintaining the serviced apartment “feel” in terms of it being a spacious and private dwelling.

Some serviced apartment providers strike this balance very well whereas others don’t, and some don’t even try. It’s part of the due diligence process to ensure you do your research and find out exactly what you will be getting for the duration of your stay.

Serviced apartments are convenient places to stay for travellers and business professionals who want a “home away from home” and a better-equipped base in a new city. Unlike hotel rooms, serviced apartments are fully furnished, equipped and come with far more amenities that many hotel rooms don’t have, unless of course you are willing to pay for top-tier hotel suites.