Why Do You Still Not Lose Weight Even If You Keep Exercising?

You might see tons of videos showing people who lost weight because of regular exercise. They teach different techniques of exercising that are effective for weight loss. Seeing them achieve their goals might be frustrating for you, especially if you also do the same methods, but you still keep gaining weight. You need to understand that exercise is not the only way to lose weight. You need to check other factors that may contribute to the existence of your weight issues.

You don’t have enough sleep

Not getting enough sleep is one of the many reasons why you keep putting on weight. When you sleep late, you tend to get hungry, and you start eating. Depriving yourself of some sleep may also affect the secretion of cortisol. This hormone helps in appetite regulation which you need for weight loss. Most of all, when you lack sleep, you might not have the energy to increase your exercise.

You stress out

When you are anxious, your body tends to act weirdly. You keep craving food to ease the tension. You skip a workout because you feel like you are too tired to do anything. You also think about other issues, which leads you to lose focus on your goal. Therefore, you need to check your emotional health and find a way to deal with what causes you stress.

You might not have other physical activities

You stay in the gym for about an hour or less. Although it is good to have physical activity, the problem is that you need to sustain it throughout the day. If you only have an hour for intense exercise, but you spend the entire day sitting in your chair, it will still not help in achieving your goal. You need to move around even if the nature of your job requires you to sit and work on your computer.

You don’t exercise consistently

Do you stay faithful to your exercise plan? You might be heading to the gym a few times a week for a few hours, and you conclude that you are doing enough. The truth is that you need to be consistent when you want to lose weight. It is not enough to head to the gym whenever you want and spend half the time sitting there. You need around 60-90 minutes of exercise each day. You can start with a few minutes and build up. You can either increase the hours or the intensity of your workout technique.

You blow it during the weekends

You work hard during the week by exercising regularly after work and being strict with your diet. However, during the weekends, you make it up by eating a lot. You also stop going to the gym because you would rather spend your time relaxing and shopping. Consistency means that you need to follow your daily routine even during the weekends.

You need to consider weight loss procedures

If you think everything on the list is untrue, and you are consistent in your exercise techniques, you might want to consider Saxenda weight loss. It is an effective treatment that is non-invasive which can help you achieve your goal quickly. It does not have severe side effects for you to worry about. Give it a try and see where it goes.