Does detoxification help to control hypothyroidism and lose weight?

Detoxification has become the most researched word on Google and YouTube is full of detoxification therapies that help to lose 15 pounds in a week. Weight watchers who desperately want to lose weight feel that detoxification diets are their last resort to lose weight and become glamorous overnight but unfortunately, that’s not the case. Especially, when a person is suffering from Hypothyroid these detox diets will reverse the process and deteriorate the situation. Are you shocked and need time to absorb this revelation?

This is the bitter truth of hypothyroid; it not only reduces the production of the hormone responsible to boost metabolism but it also cause liver dysfunction. There are many people who are suffering with hypothyroid and are not aware that they have a fatty liver or dysfunctional liver. So they keep treating thyroid hormone by replacing it with hormone replacement medicine but ignore their liver health. So after getting thyroid tests; it is important to get the ultrasound done and know the condition of your liver. God forbids, if you have fatty liver then it is double trouble for you and detox diet needs to be stopped right away. Still, you don’t understand why?

Our liver is responsible for detoxification and metabolizing chemicals but when it is not working how will it produce bile which intestine needs for further processing? Also, Glucuronidation which is a process that helps to eliminate fat-soluble toxins from the body is slowed down and blocked when we start doing detoxification and burden our liver. So here is the list of detoxification diet that you should avoid to support your thyroid and bring liver back to normal:

  • Green Smoothie Detox: Blending green vegetables and fruits and gulping it down early in the morning is not just the right way start a good day but also constipates your liver and suppresses the thyroid. If our internal organs could use a smiley to express themselves then definitely it will be a sulking smiley after such a smoothie. Not only does it taste bitter but it will disturb your hormone profile and worsen the situation.
  • Water Detox: Excess of everything is bad and it is true for water also. During thyroid, hormone and cells in the body are already weak and over drinking water, every hour will make them weaker.
  • Alternate day Fasting: Stop shocking and starving your body. It will not kickstart your metabolism rather will increase stress hormones, estrogen levels, glycogen in liver and muscle will deplete. Hence, it does more harm than good; so have nuts and fruits if you want to fast but don’t starve. Use codes from Bydiscountcodes to shop grocery and vegetables at a discounted price.
  • Fibre Detox: It is good to eat selectively but it should be limited to only junk food and should not differentiate between nutrients. If you are only having fibers then it will increase bacteria growth in abdomen leading to further problems.

To conclude, it is essential to support thyroid with stimulating food and hence it is important to eat healthily and workout to balance the thyroid hormones and get off the pill.