5 Gift Ideas to Give your Wife this Christmas

With the Christmas fast approaching, many find themselves struggling to find the perfect holiday presents for their loved ones. With this, if you happen to be one of the many who are clueless about what to give their wife for Christmas, keep on reading.


Shining, shimmering and sparkling jewellery pieces will never get old when it comes to making your wife happy. If you have the money to spend, why not let her indulge in a new diamond ring, or colored diamonds perhaps? If you are on a budget, there are many craft jewellery pieces that will not break the bank, yet will be a sure fire way to paint a smile on her face. You can also give her jewellery with her birthstones or any other precious stone that holds significance.


More often than not, it is not the material things that would count. If she has been busy with work the whole year, why not reward her with an adventure? Plan a holiday for the two of you. Visit a country you have never seen before. Embark on an adventure that will make you feel the spirit of your youth. Invest in new experiences that will let you grow as a couple. Book a nice hotel, make reservations at an excellent restaurant, and give her a nice massage.


Most women do not expect flowers for Christmas, but there are so many beautiful varieties that are available in the winter months. Poinsettia plants are some of the most beautiful, festive flowers there are, and they can stay alive for quite awhile. Christmas roses would also be a wonderful gift and you can order online flower delivery for a nice surprise for your wife. If you are worried about the flowers dying you can always assemble your own bouquet of artificial flowers at your local craft store, that way it has a nice touch of personalization.

Handmade Presents

At the end of the day, it is still the thought that counts. Even without having to spend big, you can give a gift that will make her jump for joy. Even a simple handmade card with a personalized message will definitely hit her heart. You can also surprise her with a cake, especially if she knows that you have not baked anything in the past. If you’re feeling particularly creative you can make her some homemade jewellery and package it yourself in a cheap gift box or organza bag. Writing a poem or painting her picture, if you have artistic skills, will be excellent as well.

Hobby Kits

Think of what it is that she loves doing. If she likes spending time in the garden, give her a basket with gardening tools, seeds she can plant, and other gardening essentials. If she loves sewing, give her a new sewing machine and a set of threads. If she is into wine, give her a wine making kit that is perfect for beginners. By giving her hobby kits, she will be delighted over the fact that you appreciate the things that make her happy.


Even if she does not love reading, if you know how to pick a good book, you can encourage her to read. The best books that can make excellent gifts for wives are those that are inspirational. Also, try giving her a book that will help enhance her knowledge about something, such as her line of work or her hobby. Think about all the things that she finds interesting and use such as a foundation to come up with titles that you believe she will love.