3 of the Best Villas Break Locations in Europe

Planning your next trip? Why not stay in a villa instead of a traditional hotel? With villa breaks in the European region, you will get to enjoy self-catering, luxurious accommodations that can provide you with privacy and lavish facilities. If you want the freedom to do the things you want, stay in a villa and consider the destinations that will be recommended in the rest of this post.

Parga in Greece

The rich history of Greece is one of the things that could lead you to visit Parga on holiday, which can be best enjoyed by booking a villa accommodation for your holiday in Greece. Villa Athina for instance, is one of the best that you can consider. It is by the edge of the hill and offers two rooms and a swimming pool that you can use in complete privacy. Villa Stefanos, Akis and Iro Villa, and Apolis Villas are other choices that can be taken into account.

While you are in Parga, enjoy the holidays by visiting its most famous beaches, such as Piso Krineori, which is perfect if you are looking for a way to enjoy sun, sea, and sand in a romantic setting. You might also want to see Sarakiniko Beach, Valtos Beach, and Lichnos Beach.

The Algarve in Portugal

One of Portugal’s most popular destinations, the Algarve is preferred by golfers because of having stunning golf courses that are perfect for players of all levels, it is also perfect to enjoy some winter sun. When it comes to villa accommodations, whether you are looking for one that is romantic or one that is perfect for a huge family, the choices will be almost limitless. Some options that you might want to consider include Vidamar Algarve Villas, Sao Rafael Villas, Foz do Arelho, Vale de Milho and Silves.

To make the most out of your villa break in Algarve, take time to see its most popular attractions. Your Algarve vacation will not be complete without having to experience its stunning beaches, such as Meia Praia, Praia do Amado, Praia de Marinha, and Faro Island. When it comes to golf, head over to Penina Hotel and Golf Resort. During your trip, you should also see a church, drop by a fish market, and see the Zoo Marine.

Tuscany in Italy

With an abundance of choices for self-catering holidays, luxury villas in Tuscany are great choices for an excellent Mediterranean holiday. Chianti is one of the most popular areas where you can rent a villa because of its picturesque location. If price is not an issue, however, Pienza and Montalcino will surely be able to offer stunning landscapes. Some that you might want to keep under your radar include San Frediano, Casole d’Elsa, Gaiole in Chianti, and Lucca.

More than just charming villas, Tuscany offers plenty of activities that can be enjoyed by its visitors. You can rent a bike to explore the lovely countryside, enroll in a short culinary course to learn cooking authentic Italian dishes, indulge in shopping, or try one of its thermal baths. You will also have plenty of places where you can enjoy fine Italian wines. You can marvel at the site of century-old architecture or climb a hill and just revel at the beauty of the views.