10 Things to Do in Perth

Perth, Australia

Photo Credit: Creative Commons

Being the largest city and the capital of its state, Perth is a popular destination for touring.

So what should you do while in Perth?

1. Swan Valley

Begin by learning about the various winemaking processes and get to enjoy a glass of wine as you take in the view of the Swan Valley vineyards. The place has a rich history of wine making, with most of the families that run the vineyards being descendants of the original owners of the vineyards. If wine does not tickle your fancy, you can take beer and munch on olives. You could also satisfy your sweet tooth with chocolates and ice cream. All these are for free since producers give them as free samples.

2. King’s Park

If you want a day, out but want to have a lazy stress-free moment, visit King’s Park. It is the perfect place for a quite picnic. If you have the chance of visiting in spring, you will have a feast for the senses. The bright and sweet smelling wildflowers bloom in spring. You can visit on your own or have guided tours, which run from ten in the morning till two in the afternoon.

3. Cottesloe Beach

Cottesloe beach for a sunset as the final rays of the sun strike the ocean and form a gorgeous view. Swanbourne beach is perfect for swimming. Your thirst for adventure will be quenched by visiting the famous sand dunes. Trek through the hot sand and refresh at the oasis with its crystal blue water. The oasis is also a great place for surfing.

4. Crown Perth

Wine and dine, play a round of golf, kick back at the pool, unwind at the days spa and more at this major entertainment complex. Crown Perth hotels and restaurants are some of the best and most inventive in the area. There’s also a number of Perth bars, from pubs to champagne lounges.

5. Western Australian Museum

You could also visit the Western Australian Museum and learn about the region’s history as you marvel over unique artifacts. The state library is also a great place to absorb history. For theatre and poetry lovers, there is the Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts, where also you can meet poets from all over the world and learn from them.

6. West Australian Symphony Orchestra

If you are a music lover, visit the West Australian Symphony Orchestra performance. You will experience classical music from the greatest composers in Australia.

7. Munda Biddi Bike Trail

Munda Biddi bike trail is a large trail where you can commune with nature while cycling. As you cycle, you get to go through various aboriginal settlements and learn about the aboriginal culture. Have a getaway with a biking and camping fete.

8. Mandurah Estuary

If you are obsessed with seafood, visit the estuary in March so that you can experience the crab festival. You can also catch crab and fish all year round.

9. Rottnest

Rottnest is a quaint town that is set apart from the rest of civilization. The place strictly forbids cars, so no traffic jams here. You will barely notice time passing since you have all manner of activities to choose from, such as golf, scuba diving and snorkeling.

10. Fremantle

Shopaholics can never get enough of the Fremantle markets for everything from fabric to spices. The market has food stalls that sell food made from locally produced ingredients. Fremantle also has the famous prison where you can get to learn about the war and prisoners’ experiences.

Perth offers a great chance and spot for a holiday. With plenty of activities to choose from. It’s an investment that gives your money value and personal fulfillment. Its time to visit Perth.