Safaris in Namibia

Safaris in Namibia

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While we tend to stick with concerts and festivals when we travel, lately we’ve been dreaming about something different…

One of the top ten safari destinations, including Kenya, Botswana and Zimbabwe, Namibia is a popular choice for those wanting to spot ‘The Big Five” – the lion African elephant, rhinoceros, leopard and Cape Buffalo. Here’s a starter guide for what you need to know about safaris in Namibia:

Best Season for Game Viewing In Namibia

Although it is difficult to point to a specific time of the year for an ideal visit in this country, there are seasons when those who wish to savor the game can get the most fun from the wild.The winter season provides you with the best opportunity to sample wildlife in Namibia. There is a general dryness during the season running from May to September. The bush is thin at this time and the water points are frequented by thirsty wildlife. If you are stirred and excited at the site of wildlife, then Etosha is the place to be during this season and beyond. The game reserve is renowned for its numerous watering points and the expansive space. The conditions have attracted lots of wildlife to the park.

Viewing Birds, Greenery Nature and Beautiful Scenery

If you wish to enjoy viewing bird migration heart rending thunderstorms and beautiful landscapes, then you are best advised to visit Namibia between the months of January to April. Hiking lovers can buckle up their shoes in between March and May. The season is normally fairly balanced in temperature and rainstorms. The days are averagely warm while the nights are still a far cry from the extreme winter temperatures

Travel Preparations and Precautions

Malaria is common in the Northern parts of Namibia. The most affected regions include the Caprivi and Kunene River. This is more prevalent between November and March. The rest of the country is malaria-free. If you plan to visit the regions mentioned, start taking your anti malaria medicines for prevention a few weeks prior to your visit.

Average Temperatures in Namibia

Mainland Namibia is generally warm but can be hot sometimes. The summer season is moist and warm while the winter is reputed for its dry and cold temperatures. On the other hand, the coastal region maintains an averagely cool and moist temperature round the year, thanks to the South Westerly winds blowing over the Benquela Currents.