Eating in Canberra

Eating in Canberra

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Like many Australian cities, Canberra has a thriving food, wine and coffee culture culture…

Popular Neighborhoods for Dining in Canberra

Dickson Precinct: This place is becoming a favorite choice of most people looking for great options of eating in Canberra. You will find restaurants serving dishes from cuisines belonging to various cultures of the world. You can find restaurants offering Japanese, Thai (like Little Thailand Restaurant on Cape Street), Korean, Malaysian, and Indian (including 7 Village Indian Restaurant also on Cape Street). The area’s China Town offers plenty of affordable and tasty options for dining. If you are fan of pub culture, you’ll find plenty of English and Irish style pubs here.

Civic Precinct: When you are looking for quality cafes that serve coffee, then you must visit this part of Canberra. Apart from serving to good quality coffee to the cosmopolitan population of Canberra, this place also offers you wine bars, homely pubs, vodka bars, and many fine restaurants. The major regions to visit for quality dining are the Canberra Center, the Melbourne Building, North Bourne Avenue, and Bunda Street.

Braddon Precinct: The most attractive part of dining in this precinct is the artistic and quirky atmosphere that offers you many colorful mix of bars and restaurants. You will find many trendy pubs and specialty stores in this region.

Coffee and Cafe Culture in Canberra

Canberra has a lively coffee culture. You will find in this city coffee chain-stores and several cafes, but most importantly you would also find many coffee boutiques. The famous Lonsdale Street offers you many such boutique coffee places. You can find latte, macchiato, or any other flavor of rich coffee you need. When you visit these boutiques you would be surprised to find that most of them often roast their own coffee beans, and thus you get the great aroma and rich taste in each coffee boutique.

Popular Foods in Canberra

You will find all kinds of food in Canberra, but there are some food items that are really delicious. You will find plenty of dishes that are created by the fusion of various cuisines as well as many Asian or Asian-inspired restaurants.

Seafood in Canberra is also popular you can easily find many tasty treats like Barramundi, soft shell crab, whole snapper, Moreton Bay Bugs, and many other food items.

There are also several options for takeaway and food delivery in Canberra worth checking out if you’e looking for something convenient or a quiet night in.

Have you visited Canberra? What won over your tastebuds?