Tommorowland Music Festival Comes To The USA


Tommorowland Music Festival is among the most international events in the world of music and includes participants from more than 210 countries. The recent cash influx received by the organizers made it possible to bring this amazing festival to the USA, thus fulfilling their dream. So the place of interest is Chattahoochee Hills, Georgia, organized on an 8,000-acre farm and the big date is September 27 to 29. Although the place is secluded, it is very accessible at the same time, located just 20 minutes away from the city and 30 minutes away from the airport. This gives the participants the feeling that they are on another planet, away from civilization of the big cities.


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To ensure that the Tommorowland Music Festival will be an unforgettable event in the New World, most sets and staging are shipped across the Atlantic ocean in a very short time, which is nothing short of phenomenal. Organizers aim to make Tomorowland as close to the original as possible. To set up the festival, more than 80 containers are brought from Europe, containing all sorts of materials, decorations and staging. The team consists of experts who have previous experience in organizing festivals and other big events all around the USA, as well as Belgian professionals and even engineers. All the work is done with safety restrictions in mind. So the participants can take advantage of this mixture of different cultures and working styles. It promises to be something they have never seen before.
These are just some of the preparations to make Tommorowland the most desirable worldwide music event. And it proves to be such with more than 250,000 pre registered participants almost half of which are coming from abroad. These are astonishing results for a music festival that gathers people from every corner of the world. A big part of participants comes from South America, and particularly Brazil. Brazilians who have big traditions in music festivals and carnivals are big fans of Tomorrowland.
Tommorowland Music Festival has an age restriction of 21+. This is the only  American festival that does not permit persons who are less than 21 to participate in this event. This is done for two main reasons: to prevent everyday ID check of participants, which is going to ruin their experience in this fantasyland and because this is their first major event in America. The goal of organizers is to create a complete experience that people have never experienced before, one they want to run smoothly. They are preparing the stage for an electronic music culture that promises  future events no less fascinating than this one. The festival promises a unique experience for vistirs. Tommorowland  in the USA promises to the the next Woodstock, talked about for generations to come.
More and more intriguing events will be organized by Tommorowland team in the USA, such as Q-Dance events. They believe in the strong connection existing between the concept, preparation work and the live experience. All marketing promotions and social media campaigns are done  to engage enormous number of followers and fans, to create a festival feeling before the big event.
All their creativity, enthusiasm and efforts are directed to create an unforgettable event, for  thousands of participates, with an everlasting impression that will follow them home. This is how the Tommorowland Music Festival grows each and every year more and more to the point to cross Belgian borders and to start being organized in other places around the globe. Festival organizers believe that all the safety measures and restrictions are taken to ensure undisturbed delight and pleasure, even for those who are new to the festival scene.