5 Islands We Want to Visit Now


Photo Credit: Creative Commons

Island vacations offer people time to reflect as they listen to the soothing sounds of the surf, which allows their stress levels to subside. They also provide vacationers with energetic and engaging activities ranging from deep sea diving to rock climbing. Vacationing on a beautiful island surrounded by wonderful people can give a person the best holiday experience. For those people who want to let loose and leave all their troubles behind, visiting a beautiful island will do the trick.

Here’s five destinations currently at the top of our list:

The island of Hawaii

The island of Hawaii, commonly referred to as the Big Island, has an array of stunning features ranging from volcanoes, landscape rainforests and even snowy mountain caps. These particular features make the island perfect for adventurous activities. In addition, the island has beautiful beaches with exquisite shore lines of black, green and white sands. For those who love to surf, there are perfect waves that ensure the ultimate surfing experience.


Mauritius is a one of a kind island. Most people consider the island to be a small slice of paradise. It has cobalt-blue seas, luxury hotels and white sandy beaches. The island is ideal for travellers who love to swim and sun bathe, and has a variety of historical sites, cultural diversity and stunning geographical features. While on the island, vacationers can relax in some stunning resorts, like the Tamassa Mauritius. Mauritius also has some of the most welcoming types of people. Locals of the island ensure that guests feel welcomed and have an unforgettable experience.

St. John, the Virgin islands

This island is absolutely stunning. It has white sandy beaches and clear crystal seas. It has a natural beauty as infrastructure on the island is not so much. Vacationers can engage in wide variety of activities while on the island, ranging from hikes through the islands’ national park to relaxing on its white sandy beaches. The island has several shops, bars and restaurants that ensure guests don’t miss out on anything.

Bora Bora islands, French Polynesia

Bora Bora is a prime vacation spot for most people. The island is remarkably beautiful. It has barrier reefs and lagoons surrounding it. In addition, the island has beautiful shore lines and wonderful waves for surfing enthusiasts.

Corsica Island, France

Located in the Mediterranean Sea, Corsica Island has wonderful sunny beaches, beautiful mountains and delicious French and Italian cuisine. For travellers who love to explore and in general be active, Corsica has over 100 miles of pathways that they can explore. There also 30 scuba diving centres for those who love such type of activities. For those who are into sightseeing, the port of Bonifacio is built 200 meters above sea level, making it an ideal spot. To top it all, the island’s capital, Ajaccio, was home to Napoleon Bonaparte, making it a very important historical place.