Music Hotspots in Jamaica


Photo Credit: Creative Commons

Jamaica is home to some of the most unique genres of music in the world. Depending on the places you visit, there are all sorts of types of music to entertain you on your stay. African musical elements are the foundations of the Jamaican music as it is known. Reggae music, which is common in Jamaica, has its origin in Africa. Mento is a genre of music that is drawn from some of the Jamaican folk music. It owes is origin to the slaves who used to sing when in plantations.

The Ska music genre is similar to R&B as they as they share the same line up. This type of music cuts out the shuffle on beats and leaves the off beats. The Rocksteady is another type of music that has its roots in Jamaica. It is much slower than the Ska as it depends on the vocals of the musicians to be instrumental. Dancehall music came to take the world by storm. It is one of the most famous types of music associated with Jamaica. It is believed to borrow its style from the Mento. This makes Jamaica holidays popular for music enthusiasts around the world.

The Brewery

Take a drive to Montego Bay in Jamaica and experience the amazing sounds of Reggae music. The Brewery is a pub and a restaurant that strives to give a treat to all Reggae lovers around. All this takes place during the evening on both weekdays and weekends. Both locals and visitors are fond of this pub. It is always a great way to end your evening with a treat of slow rhythmic music. In addition to that, the stage is always set for the karaoke lovers.

Reggae Sumfest

This is one of the most entertaining events that take place once every year, mid July. During this time, all reggae lovers merge in Montego Bay to have a time of their life at Reggae Sumfest. This type of festival attracts mostly the young folks who are out to have a good time. Some of the most successful reggae and dancehall artists in Jamaica are invited to the Sumfest to entertain the crowd. They include Elephant Man, Beenie man and Bounty killer among others.


Negril is part of Jamaica where you will find all sorts of music genres from jazz to reggae music. During the evening you will be able to hear different kinds of music sounds coming from nightclubs, pubs and also along the beach. The nightlife in Negril is filled with all sorts of entertainment. You will thus be able to join music lovers having a musical evening.

Blue Beat

This is a 5 star restaurant that provides first class treatment to locals and visitors. It is a classy restaurant of its kind in Montego Bay, Jamaica. While in this restaurant, you will be able to enjoy the live performances of all kinds of music. It is a favorite for celebrities and artists among others.

Coral Cliff

Still in Montego Bay, you will get to visit the Coral Cliff and experienced the best mix of music entertainment in the entire of the Caribbean. From jazz, reggae to Latin music, you will certainly get the best entertainment.