Winding Waters to Explore Europe

Europe Rivers

Photo Credit: Creative Commons

I’m sure every one of us has wanted to explore Europe, or at least different parts of Europe from where you might live, at least once in their life. River cruises are one way to really get to explore in a unique way. There are some amazing cities that you can experience in only a way you would be able to by boat.  Here are the places you would never want to miss out while on your own European river cruise.

Rhine River

Rhine River is a great place to start out for people who might be on their first river cruise since this beautiful river brings you through Germany, the Netherlands, France, and Switzerland. With so many countries you get to cover a lot of different cultures full of history and of course tons of really, really fantastic architecture.   There are cruises you can take that make stops at famous landmarks, get to take a few pictures of the red brick bridge stretching across the Neckar River.

Douro River Valley

If you are a lover of wine then this river cruise is a great place for you. The Douro River brings you through the heart of Portugal’s wine country and of course makes tons of stops to smell the grapes.  There are so many vineyards and fantastic wine estates to see, and so many more delicious foods and wines to taste, how could you not absolutely love this cruise? A river like this is the perfect inspiration to book some really elegant river cruises in Europe.

Main River

Maybe wine isn’t your style, but a cold pint and some great old war stories are, then the cruise on Main River that brings you through Germany might just be your dream come true.  A cruise along this river makes it easy to make stop at enjoy adventures in Heidelberg and Nuremburg that both hold so much incredible WWII history.  Plus of course, it’s Germany so – beer!

Volga River

The Volga River cruises bring you through Russia and really great for people who love to learn about history and art. The cruises along the Volga River normally last for around two weeks but that’s because there is just so much to see and explore along the way. You can make a stop at Hermitage Museum, Catherine’s Palace in Pushkin, and Red Square.  Not to mention some of Russia’s fantastic sceneries of forests and lakes along the way.

Po River

Po River cruises are typical only around five days long, so it’s a great cruise for someone who might be slightly limited by time.  This extraordinary cruise brings you through the fantastic scenery only available in Northern Italy and of course the warming romantic feelings that fill you while in Venice.  If you are a lover of renaissance art and architecture you will be in your full glory with so much of it around you. Not to mention the yummiest of Italian foods and wines!