Why Having a Wheelie Bin Storage Unit is a Must

The wheelie bin is not just a handy bin to have, it’s often a practical requirement for large family homes that deal with a large amount of disposal. As a matter of fact, most British homes make use of various wheelie bins, of different sizes and for different purposes. Handy and easy to transport, they get the job done and are more than suitable for your needs. Unfortunately, they also have some drawbacks – and this is why the wheelie bin storage unit is so important. These storage units allow you to make full use of your wheelie bins with the added benefits of aesthetics, protection, and security. Ever wonder how to secure your trash better? Here is why having a wheelie bin storage is a must.

Protecting your rubbish

This post will explain Why Having a Wheelie Bin Storage Unit is a Must

Protecting your rubbish may not be something that we often talk about, but it’s very important to do so – and for reasons you may not have considered yet. Here are some of the things your rubbish (and you) should be protected against:

  • Against others. Yes, others may be a hazard, for two reasons. First of all, like it or not, there are people who enjoy putting their rubbish in your bin – the trend seems to be on the rise, and you want to avoid this. Secondly, you’d be amazed at how much can be learned by sifting through someone’s rubbish – there’s a privacy concern here as well.

  • Against the wildlife. Think about the rats, the squirrels, the foxes, and other animals that may love to scatter your rubbish all over the yard.

Making it look good

The wheelie bins in and of themselves may do a great job in storing your rubbish, but – let’s be honest – they are often an eyesore. Using wheelie bin storage units solves this problem. Not only do the units come in various sizes, they come in various materials that complement your garden perfectly. For example, a wicker storage unit may complement existing lawn furniture, whilst timber blends with fences and trees. Most importantly: those bright, plastic, artificial colours are out of sight.

They offer protection from several sources of possible harassment, and they certainly make your garden look much better – but here’s another advantage of the storage units that environmentalists will appreciate immensely: wooden wheelie bin storage units, for one, are made from pre-treated timber that are sourced from FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified forests. They’re both recyclable and biodegradable, so there’s really no downside. They’re beneficial all around.

Image attributed to Michelle Meiklejohn/FreeDigitalPhotos.net