Are you worried about parking before travelling the world?

Are you worried about parking before travelling the world?

Photo by CC user Araisyohei on Wikimedia Commons

Travelling the world is on almost everyone’s bucket list. It’s a great way to meet new people, explore different cultures, gather some life experiences and, for some lucky people, it can be turned into a full time career. Most people, however, decide against doing it because they’re not really sure how it’s supposed to work. How do you pack for more than one country? How do you afford that many flights? Who do you call if something goes wrong? What will happen to my house while I’m gone? What will happen to my car? Well, there are a lot of things that you’re probably going to have to figure out on your own, but your car, at least, is a matter that can be solved.

One option you have is to simply leave your car at home. It’s probably the least expensive option. You could simply keep your car safe in your driveway while you go off and do your thing. However, when it comes to getting your luggage to the airport you now have an entirely new problem to deal with. Should you get a cab? Should you get a shuttle? Should you just strap your bags to your back and take a two day hike to the airport? Well, none of that seems particularly appealing. So, if money is your main priority and you have a friend or relative that’s generous to give you and your luggage a ride, this is the choice for you.

Your second option would be to take your car with you on your world tour. It sounds like a pretty sweet deal, right? You could take a boat and go on a road trip around Europe or America. You could camp in the back seat and you wouldn’t have to carry your luggage with you everywhere you go. Well, this would be a great if it wasn’t so costly and tasking to organise. You have to sort out all of your car insurance abroad, pay for gas, pay for any maintenance you need before you go, pay to get your car transported and pay for any flat tires and broken mirrors you may encounter during your journey. This is the sort of option for the people that want to take a piece of home with them wherever they go and have enough money to keep it running smoothly.

Well, that just leaves us with the last option: parking at the airport. Anyone’s that done this already knows how terrible it is. It’s always busy, the only parking spot seems to be at least a couple of miles away from the actual airport and the cost is an absolute nightmare. Well, there is a way to improve this option. You should take a look at an airport parking booking website. On this site you can reserve parking spaces at a huge range of hotels. You get to choose where you want to park and can save up to 60%. You can get your quotes instantly so, if you wanted, you could book your parking space now and be flying around the world. It’s a fantastic service that is saving travellers money and a lot of hassle.