Whatever Makes Her Happy

Paris Jackson, the daughter of the biggest pop star ever, is the daughter of Michael Jackson. This might sound like repetition but it is not. We are trying to bring out the uniqueness of the two different descriptions.

By being the daughter of the most recognizable musician of the 20th century puts you in a certain circle of people. Show business moguls and the who’s who of the entertainment industry are not just easily accessible, they are practically family.

This is obviously great if you are an artist and wish to make your mark on the global stage. Just like casinos that make  a mark in online gambling industry such as https://www.casino-aus.com/ .Which unfortunately is not the case for Miss Jackson. However, there are a lot of her peers who want to be stars. Many such people have come into the young woman’s life with the sole aim of using her as key to unlocking doors that would never have opened for them

Sorry Miss Jackson

The second part of our opening statement mentions how Paris is the daughter of Michael Jackson. Michael was not exactly known for being subtle. In fact, he is renowned for being an over the edge kind of guy.

From buying Giraffes for his Neverland Ranch to dangling his infant baby from a 4 storey balcony the king of pop did it all. Although the king passed away nearly ten years ago he had already left an impression of his daughter.

Being entertainment royalty, Paris is one of the most photographed people. This is something she is used to from birth. Now she is her own person. A truly unique individual who is determined to find her path in life just like everyone.

But just like daddy she enjoys living life on the edge. The amount of disregard for her own personal safety has got the whole Jackson family worried. This has prompted a lot of close members of her circle of trust to try and talk her into behaving more “normally”. We are of the opinion that she is doing what heiresses do, if we won a multi-million-dollar online casino jackpot at one of the top rated online casinos, we are sure our daughters would act the same.