What it Takes to Become a Game Developer

 As technology becomes increasingly present in people’s day to day life, many individuals are learning computer skills as a way to market themselves in a variety of fields. If programming and design are topics that interest you, then you may have considered video game development, or game coding, as a possible career opportunity. While it can seem like a difficult field to go into, there are actually many ways you can prepare yourself to succeed.

 Job Overview

Game programming is the process of creating new video games from the ground up. With a lot of variety across different platforms and genres, it offers opportunities for programmers to find a niche where they can be creative. There can be many different aspects to game development including design, scripting, programming, and marketing. Because there are so many unique facets that must work together in order to create a successful game, game coding can be challenging but exciting, pushing programmers to think outside the box and exercise problem-solving skills.

 Technical Skills

As with any job, game design comes with its own set of required skills. These are all things that you will need to develop in order to create your own games. As is to be expected, they can include in-depth computer programing skills, but there are also many other areas that you will need to be proficient in. Storytelling skills and basic art skills can be two surprising but vital things you need to have as you begin to explore the world of game development.

Personality Traits

On top of having the technical know-how of programming and design, game developers should work on developing a few key personality traits. Being creative and having a good understanding of what people like and dislike can both be incredibly valuable skills to have. Game programmers can also benefit from having good people skills. Creating a video game can be a massive undertaking, and it’s a project that is rarely done alone.

The good news is, if not all these areas are your biggest strength you can work to improve them. Getting out of your comfort zone and pushing yourself to be better can give you an edge that helps you stand out among the competition. You can do this in a variety of ways, whether it is on your own or through formal education.

 Job Searching

One of the scariest parts of committing yourself to pursue a job in a specific industry can be trying to find an available job that fits your skill set. Luckily there are many online resources you can use to discover which companies are actively hiring Game Developers by city and industry. While it can be a competitive field, opportunities present themselves if you stay determined and informed. If you don’t find exactly what you are looking for right now, check back often because this industry is constantly changing. While you wait for a job opportunity, consider an internship with a gaming development company that can give you hands on experience and potential contacts that can help you advance in the field.

Becoming a Game Developer

While not the easiest field to enter into, video game development can be rewarding and offer opportunities for self-expression. If you set your mind to becoming a game developer and put in the work to make it happen, you should find that you are able to beat the competition and score your dream job.