The Gaming Technology Trends That You Need To Know About ASAP

Gaming Technology That’s Taking Over in 2022

Gaming technology is becoming far more realistic as the years tick by, and thanks to worldwide lockdowns limiting our ability to get out, the online gaming industry saw a huge increase in sales. Continuing with the increase in interest in gaming technology, these are the current gaming tech trends which are set to become even bigger in the next few years.

Cross Platform Playing

The integration of cross-play platforms are becoming more common and starting to creep into all gaming genres online. The increase in popularity of this play method is fuelled largely by the growth of services such as 5G technology, which offers an efficient operating environment with little to no lag time for most players. This integration has led to the marked increase in the number of platforms which offer this feature to their user base. 

The ability for users now to play against each other, regardless of what kind of console or machine is being played on, shows the public are eager to jump on board with the trend in multiplayer environments. We can’t wait to see where this goes, especially if the genres keep expanding and including even newer technologies like immersive AR. 

Cloud-Based Gaming

On-demand gaming that is offered as a gaming service (GaaS), and is also known as cloud-based gaming, is the ability for players to directly stream the games they’re wanting to play on mobile devices which are equipped to access their favourite games online and are paid for as a subscription. This kind of cloud-based gaming had an uptick of players eager for new content and weekly contests, who were usually found accessing the content from their home-based gaming platforms. 

It is very similar to how subscription services like hula and Netflix operate and with subscription economies having a five-times growth rate compared to traditional retail economies, it seems as though this trend has definite staying power. The integration of artificial intelligence which can adapt to the environments of cloud gaming will add even more interest into this sphere – particularly in the case of online who utilise live features or tie in advanced AI players. 

Augmented Reality

We touched on this above, but Augmented Reality (AR) is one of the trends that’s only seen an upward increase in the last few months – and has been given a priority in many gaming industries with regard to games being developed specifically for it. Expect to see far more mobile games, adverts, art galleries and potentially even movies tapping into this trend. The ability to integrate digital overlays in real-time environments makes this technology a fascinating one when it comes to how players can create their own worlds and characters. 


Esports are one of the most popular pastimes for people around the world. There was a 69% increase in 2020 in the eSports industry and this has only continued to gain traction over the past year. 

The social side of eSports is one of its main draws, as is the ability to use strategies and correctly predict outcomes in a lucrative way. In fact, as a whole the eSports realm remains an enticing prospect for most, much like the new online casinos South Africa has to offer do. 

Crypto Gaming

Crypto gaming is another area which is seeing a marked increase in users. Crypto gaming platforms provide users with the ability to have Ledger architecture to create their own virtual products, while gaming developers are adding crypto payment options to the products for their games. Nowadays, you can use a variety of cryptocurrencies in order to purchase new characters, premium game features and cosmetics within many of the popular online gaming platforms.