What do guys think about your underwear?

Ladies, your fellas know that you make a big effort when it comes to your nights of romance. That’s why you have so many different styles of lingerie inside of your closet. However, you may be pondering to yourself about how much your man likes looking at your underwear. Well, whilst you should remember that this depends entirely on your boyfriend’s tastes, overall, if you looking hot in them, there is no question that you will get a response out of your man. So, what does your boyfriend think of your underwear? Well, read on to find out!

Granny panties galore

Every single woman alive should own at least a few pairs of granny panties. They’re comfy, feel great around the ass and can look as adorable as you please. Plus, they are the perfect things to make you feel better once mother nature strikes. However, they may not be as appealing to your boyfriend as you may have hoped. If you are trying to create a romantic evening, and want your man to think that you are a beast in the sheets, then your granny panties may need to be sacrificed for an evening. Your boyfriend wants to see all of your curves, so try and break out something a little tight to give him a good view.

However, that being said, if you have been in a relationship for quite a while, your boyfriend may be flattered that you feel so comfortable around him that you would wear your granny panties. Not only can cartoonish or silly panties show off your fun side, but the fact that you can rock them shows that you are a confident woman who knows that she looks good in anything that she wears. Your man will respect that!

Lace panties

Now, lace panties can be a bit more complex than you realise for men. You may buy them and feel proud that you’re wearing them. But when you show your man, he may say that he’s got hard because of you wearing them, but in reality, he may be telling a little white lie about it. Instead, it’s just the idea of you wanting your boyfriend that got him hard.

But, why would men not like the idea of you in lace lingerie? Well, probably because they’ve seen it everywhere else. The world is made up of lingerie advertisements, porn galore and swimsuit adverts that desensitize the idea of that “lace is sexy.” Heck, most ladies wear lace on a normal basis just because it’s a part of their comfy bra and pantie set.

Whilst you may feel good in lace, and you should rock it for your boyfriend if that makes you happy, keep in mind that you may need to wear something a little different if you are genuinely looking to surprise him.

Corset Lingerie

This is the sort of look that you would expect to find on someone like one of the sexiest Camden escorts, which is why you want to be wearing it for your boyfriend in the first place. Men appreciate a woman in a corset. Not only does it enhance their natural curves but it gives the impression of sexual empowerment.
A corset shows that you are a woman who is in charge of her sexuality. The style and the colour can give you the appearance of an innocent angel or a smouldering temptress who is ready to give her man the ride of his life. Corsets are the perfect thing to wear alongside a thong or stockings. If you want to go for an additional twist? Make sure that your corset is made of leather. Your man’s mistress is ready to take command of the night!

Thongs and G-Strings

Of course, most women who want to go for the “sexy” look may opt for a thong or a g-string. Why is that? Well, because of the amount of ass that is exposed. In a poll on “womenshealthmag.com”, it showed that 73%  of men (out of 1000 surveyed) liked thongs and 13 % loved G-strings. Not only do these items enhance a woman’s natural sex appeal but they will make your man want to practically rip them off you. Your sexy undies are like a preview to what is to come.

High-Waisted Panties

Looking for a bit more of a classic look? Well, if you’re looking for a lingerie set that’s outside of the box, go for a high-waist design. Not only can they keep your tummy tucked in but their lace and ruffle options can make you look refined and classy. Combined with a lacy bra or a corset and they look amazing.  Any man who sees you in them will practically be swept off his feet. 

Teddies and Bodysuits

Now, this is a lingerie set that you probably couldn’t get away with wearing every day, but it certainly will give your man one heck of a rush. Think of a bodysuit as a shirt with a little extra surprise. The moment you take off your pants, you can show off all of your curves. The cut of the outfit will detail your ass and waist. Heck, some of them are so comfortable that they’re perfect for hanging out at home in on a hot day. Not only that but bodysuits can come in all sorts of girly, elegant and sleek colours. Some are translucent and can make it easier for you to tease your boyfriend. Either way, you will find that this set of lingerie will probably not come off when you get down and dirty.

Boy shorts

Boy shorts honestly get a bad reputation for no reason. Most people just look at them and see them as a lazy alternative to granny panties. But for a man, he will take one look at your boyshorts and see how well-shaped your ass looks. They are comfortable, easy to relax in and will make you feel like you can just chill out. This will make your man happy that you can feel relaxed around him enough to wear something so casual. Boyshorts are a way of showing him that you’re making effort, but you’re not making too much effort.

What sort of panties do you like?

Whilst it is important to excite your boyfriend with your lingerie, don’t forget that it’s more important that you feel good in them too. If you feel good in granny pants, well, you go and rock them out! At the end of the day, men are more focused on you as a person. That and they will also be more focused on the idea of getting you out of your panties when you’re having some sexy fun together.

So, relax and just enjoy the ride!