Tips on Buying a Chandelier or Pendant Light for Your Home

Buying furniture, décor, and other accessories for your home is never an easy task. The assortment of options available online and offline add to the complication of choosing the perfect piece that suits your needs. There are times when you have a list of choices yet find yourself stuck at narrowing it down to the one you will buy. This is especially true when you are looking for a new lighting fixture.

Buying a pendant light or chandelier means you need to not only look at the technical aspects of lighting but also the style. Here are four tips to guide you in shopping for that perfect new chandelier for your home.

Determining the right size

The light coming from a chandelier accents the space or object right below it. You will often see a chandelier hanging above a foyer, dining table, or living room. As such, the effect and mood created by the light will vary depending on the size of the fixture and its distance from the floor. Regardless of if you prefer a traditional or contemporary lighting style, it is best to ensure that the fixture is the right size.

For example, a chandelier meant for a dining room should be placed above the centre of the dining table. It should not be bigger than the width of the table to avoid diners from bumping into it. The standard guide is to allow 48 inches between the walls and the chandelier, and the fixture should be at least 12 inches smaller in width than the table.

If the room has a standard height of eight feet, the chandelier should be located at least 30 inches above the table. For higher ceilings, add three more inches to the chandelier height per additional foot of ceiling height.

Choosing bulbs for the chandelier

Since a chandelier is directly above a space, heat from the bulbs can cause discomfort, and bright beams will cast shadows below. Chandelier light bulbs need to have low wattage. If possible, invest in a light dimmer to customise the effect accordingly. You can also choose from a variety of lighting technologies such as LED, incandescent, and fluorescent. Choose LED if you are concerned about energy consumption.

Choosing a chandelier for a foyer or entryway

If your room features an open lobby or foyer, the light coming from a chandelier helps transition outdoor and indoor space. A chandelier is a perfect fixture to set the overall mood of your home. For entryways and foyers, a chandelier should be hung high so that it will illuminate staircases and corridors. If intended for a large lobby, the chandelier should not be too imposing, but big enough to make an impact. A floor clearance of at least six feet is sufficient.

Additional tips for buying a pendant light

If you are purchasing a pendant light for your kitchen, you need to follow a slightly different approach. Depending on the size, style, and the number of pendant lights, allow at least 30 inches of clearance from the kitchen island surface to the pendant light.