Weed Whacker: How to Reclaim a Wild Yard

Knowing How to Reclaim a Wild Yard can bring your property back up to snuff

(Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons)

No one starts out to have their yard covered in weeds, but sometimes lack of time, improper lawn care, and prolonged poor weather conditions cause them to grow anyway. In some situations, people move into a home or buy a business property overrun with weeds and simply must make the best of it. No matter what the situation, hard work and determination can turn the most overgrown yard into something beautiful.

Regular Mowing Can Make a World of Difference

It’s important for property owners to know the type of grass they’re dealing with because each type has its own specifications for ideal length. Mowing the lawn on a regular schedule helps to keep it at the preferred level in addition to deterring the growth of weeds. If the weeds are extremely high, the person clearing them will need to start with a weed whacker first. A brush mower can also help to take down tall weeds quickly.

Apply Weed Killer

For those who don’t have the time or the patience to hack down weeds themselves, weed killer is the next best thing. Home and commercial property owners can find it at the nearest home improvement store. This is another situation where knowing the type of grass is helpful. It’s also important to follow instructions on the packaging exactly to avoid accidentally poisoning a person or pet.

Consider Aerating or Fertilizing to Prevent Future Weed Growth

After eliminating the weeds, it’s important to develop new lawn care habits so the same problem doesn’t happen all over again. Aerating is especially useful for giving grass the air it needs for healthy growth. The process allows water and nutrients to reach the deepest layers of soil. Most home improvement stores rent or sell aerating machines, but those who have not undertaken the process before may wish to hire a professional.

Many lawn care experts recommend fertilizing grass in the spring and fall. However, it’s important to purchase the right type of fertilizer and to apply it exactly as directed. Lawn fertilizer contains potash, phosphate, and nitrogen. The information on the bag should clearly state the percentage of each ingredient. 15-15-15 is common.

Don’t Forget the Importance of Watering

A lack of water not only produces a dry, brown lawn, it can lead to weed growth as well. After reclaiming the yard, the property owner should commit to watering the grass regularly. It’s too risky to count on rain that may never come or may arrive in such small amounts that it doesn’t benefit the grass at all. Watering on a low speed at least once a day helps to keep the lawn moist so it has optimal growing conditions.

A Walk-Through May Be Necessary

The things that can hide in tall weeds may come as a surprise to those tasked with taming an overgrown yard. In addition to mowing or using a weed whacker, people cleaning up weeds should walk through the yard with trash bags and get rid of anything that doesn’t promote the health of the lawn.