Wedding planning tips that will make your special day a memorable one

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Wedding planning is never easy, but whilst planning your wedding may have its challenges, this is still your special day, and it should be looked at that way. Don’t forget the relevance and importance of the occasion – and don’t get carried away with all the details. So what does it take to have a truly special wedding? Here’s what you should know.

Take a day off

In the midst of all this hubbub, the idea of taking a day off seems inconceivable, doesn’t it? But it’s true, nonetheless – you should take a day off. Even a few hours will do. Your wedding plans will not crumble if you take a day or two off – all your plans will still be there when you come back. Take a day off with your spouse-to-be and just forget about everything for a while. You don’t even have to go on ‘holiday’ per se – all you have to do is spend the day with your husband- or bride-to-be, relax, have a bit of fun, and have a date. This will help you feel refreshed and even give you a better perspective on your wedding.


Make it personal


The small, personal touches can truly make your wedding extra special. Even if you have the budget, you can still add a few personal touches to your wedding. For instance, rather than opting for expensive flowers for your table centrepieces, why not use your own garden’s flowers instead? You can also display family photos on a special table at the wedding venue and reception (if you are having your wedding at a Doncaster hotel like The Regent, you can arrange for those personal touches beforehand), or even use your own family’s secret recipes for one or two viands. Just a few personal touches like including songs that are meaningful to the two of you can make your wedding absolutely memorable.

Have fun with wedding planning – this is your special day!

There is often one regret voiced by many brides and grooms after their wedding – that they spent so much time worrying about everything that they never really got to enjoy their own wedding. Whilst it’s normal to worry about the details, there is a point where you just have to let go and let things flow. Experience the moment – after all, this is your special day. Before you know it, your wedding day is over, and you never got to experience the magic of it all. The details will take care of themselves – this is why you planned so hard and so long, isn’t it? Also, if your guests see that you are having fun, then they will begin relaxing as well. Enjoy the moment, chat with your guests, savour the food, and this will all make your day more special than obsessing over little wedding planning details that ultimately mean nothing in the long run.

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