Reasons productivity can be affected in the modern workplace

Even with the ever-increasing use of technology in the workplace, employees remain the most important asset of your business. It goes without saying that any factors that can negatively affect the productivity of your workers need to be recognized and dealt with as quickly and effectively as possible.


Stress and your productivity

Workplace stress is one of the costliest distractions that US employers face, resulting not only in lower productivity overall but in an estimated $200 billion lost to absenteeism. Stress affects the body physically and mentally, resulting in an increase in health problems, ranging from recurring colds or other illnesses, to ulcers, stroke and even heart attacks. Depression, anxiety and other mental conditions can also result from unresolved stress at work. When it comes to work-related stress, a number of factors may come into play. An employee may become overstressed due to the increasing demands of their job, or they may be under stress as deadlines for a specific project loom.

Reducing job stress at work begins when you recognize the problem. Watch for warning signs of employees who are becoming overstressed, and make time to communicate with your employees, hear their concerns, and look for positive and proactive ways to help them. Evaluate their workload and make sure that each employee is working according to their ability and resources, and always make sure employees feel valued for their work and contributions to the company.

A web of distractions

According to a study conducted at the University of Melbourne, employees may actually be more productive if they are able to occasionally do non-work related things online. However, when non-work browsing occupies too much time, productivity will definitely suffer.

For many employers, the key to keeping productivity high while allowing employees to surf the Internet for personal reasons is to use Internet monitoring. By monitoring Internet usage, including sites visited, and putting a cap on the non-work time spent on the Internet, employers may actually find their employees are more relaxed, more focused, and more productive than before.

Personal problems and the workplace

When it comes to personal problems, nearly half of all employees say that their work productivity is affected by what goes on in their lives outside the workplace. Ideally, we want to leave our personal lives at the door, but often that is not possible. For employers, finding ways to help your team members, and your company, is necessary. Establishing an employee assistance program that refers employees to counseling, drug or alcohol services is an idea worth pursuing. This gives employees an outlet to seek advice and help, as well as giving you as the employer a direction to refer employees in need, whether for a required oral fluid lab test or other type of evaluation.

Handling workplace problems and improving your employees’ productivity go hand-in-hand. When you help your employees to handle issues such as work-related stress and personal issues, as well as giving them the opportunity to recharge, you will ensure that all aspects of your company flourish.