A Look at Some Top Trends for Worktops in 2016

Worktops have always been a necessary addition to any bathroom or kitchen, not only contributing to the functionality and practicality of the room but also to its overall aesthetic. And when it comes to worktops, you have plenty of choices available – worktop materials vary from stone to stainless steel, and it’s really up to you which material you choose to have in the end. But whilst there may be plenty of materials to choose from, there are materials which never go out of style. Let’s take a look at some top trends for worktops in 2016.


Composite worktops

Composite worktops have become quite popular since they can be deemed ecologically-friendly. Composite worktops are made from materials like recycled paper and even ash, so they are the worktop material of choice for those who want to do something for the environment. In addition, composite worktops are designed to inhibit bacterial growth, and they are also capable of resisting stains, heat, and scratches. Keep in mind, though, that a composite worktop will require a special type of cleaning or maintenance and regular sealing as well.


Granite worktops


Granite worktops have always been popular, not just with modern homeowners, but homeowners of old. Granite is a tough, sturdy material, and if you opt for a granite worktop, you can be sure that you will be able to enjoy it for decades, especially with the right cleaning and maintenance. Granite is also popular due to its beautiful colours, designs, and patterns – in fact, no two granite slabs are alike. This brings a bit more individuality to your kitchen or bathroom. Granite goes well with any kitchen theme or design, as it is available in colours ranging from black to gray to blue, green, and white. Granite is also heat-resistant and can withstand daily wear and tear. Although granite can be expensive, it can be considered an investment, and will actually increase your home’s value.


Engineered stone worktops

Engineered stone such as quartz is another popular alternative when it comes to kitchen or bathroom worktops. Engineered stone is a combination of different materials, mostly quartz (about 90+ percent), along with various resins. If you choose to have an engineered stone worktop, you will have the benefit of strength and toughness (akin to granite) as well as resistance to scratching, staining, and heat. It is also very easy to maintain an engineered stone worktop, and it does not require sealing. Some engineered stone worktops also come with anti-bacterial properties, which can really contribute to your kitchen or bathroom’s hygiene.


Laminate worktops

Worktops made from laminate can be a less expensive alternative to other materials such as granite or quartz, and some of the higher-quality laminate worktops can even be made to look like natural or engineered stone. But keep in mind that laminate worktops are not resistant to heat and can easily be damaged, scratched, or chipped.

Image attributed to Jrstone.co