Checklist before travelling to New York

Travelling to New York? Make sure you pack the following items before coming ... photo by CC user 26782864@N00 on Flickr

Photo by CC user William Warby on Flickr

One of the most travelled places in US; New York is crowded with tourists throughout the year. The String urge to see the Statue of Liberty or Times Square attracts people from every corner of the world. Travelling to New York involves meticulous planning and a proper itinerary plan. There are a lot of things that you need to check while getting yourself ready for the trip to New York.

Packing the right kind of clothes and shoes

You should keep in mind about the weather of New York and pack clothes that suit the requirement. Sunglasses comfortable shoes, zipped handbags are some of the requisites that you need while travelling to New York. Go for dark clothes that make you look like a local citizen of New York and less of a tourist. Check the time of the year you are travelling and accordingly pack shorts, shirts or sweatshirts as per your needs. You should keep in mind about the type of weather prevailing at the time of the trip and accordingly pack the necessities. Go for backpacks that will help you to go from one place to another and pack stuff that is light and not too difficult to carry. Make your trip easier packing the right things as well as hiring a NYC maid service.

Check all the documents beforehand

Apart from the passport and visa, you need to carry the original copies of identity proofs that you have. If you are a citizen of countries that fall under Visa Waiver Program then you need ESTA to enter US through airways or water. If you are a citizen of UK, you can fill the form through where chances of accepting your application are high. Apart from all these, you need to have photocopies of all the important documents that you need to carry. Do not forget to keep scanned copies of all the important documents in your mail as offline record.

Buy suitable travel insurance

Travelling in New York can be quite hassle some if you face some unwanted incidents during your journey. To be on safe side, do not forget to get a travel insurance that may suit your needs. The insurance can save you from spending too much of money. Look for a suitable travel insurance plan that can meet your needs.

Carry enough cash and check your credit cards

Do not forget to check your credit cards and cash before your journey. To be fair enough the cost of living is expensive in this city so you need to have enough cash for your trip. Also avoid carrying any valuables stuff apart from cash.

Make a proper itinerary and carry a map

The city has lots to offer you. So do not forget to make a proper travel plan that includes all that you plan to do. Also do not forget to carry a map of the city in case you have problems in identifying a place. A map can always help you to travel to your destination without any worries.

These are some of the points you need to check before your trip to New York. The city is charming and will leave a long lasting impression in your mind.