Smart travel hacks to make your journey easier

Using Smart travel hacks, tasks like packing become easier ... photo by CC user highwaysengland on Flickr

Photo by CC user highwaysengland on Flickr

Travelling to any other country requires lot of planning. One cannot simply pack their stuff and decide to leave home without a proper itinerary. Travelling hassle free is only possible when you are aware of certain travel hacks that will make your life easier. Some of the travel hacks are as follows-

Saving charge for the entire journey seems very difficult for most of the people. If you are planning to fly from charge your phones keeping it on flight mode. This will help you to save battery during the entire day and also charge the phone at a fast rate. So enjoying a movie during a bring journey will not be a problem if you keep your phones in flight mode. Also try to carry power banks instead of taking bulky chargers with you. This will reduce the weight of your luggage and also save you from losing chargers during your journey.

Packing clothes according to your necessities is another important part of travelling. Pack clothes that will match the needs of the place you are going to visit. Do not forget to pack some warm clothes that will keep you warm during chilly nights. Roll your clothes instead of folding it in order to avoid the wrinkles on yiur cloth. This will save space in your travel bag so that you can carry other important necessities.

Try to carry your trekking shoes or sneakers in shower caps. It is really annoying when you dirty shoes spoils the other clothes in your bag. To avoid these keep the shoes aside in a corner by packing them in a shower cap. Have a good idea about the place you are going to travel because Europe has snowy mountains and flat lands at the same time. So carry shoes that are comfortable for you during the entire journey.

Pack all your important documents in one folder. Cross check before you start your journey and ensure that you have all the necessary documents with you along with passport. Also keep a scanned copy of your documents so that you are never devoid of it even in cases of theft. Do not forget to mail all the important documents to yourself or save it in drafts so that you have an offline record of everything.

Check your travel insurance plan along with your EHIC application some days before your journey. Your EHIC has to be renewed if it has expired. So get your EHIC card updated by sending an EHI application to the authorities. This will help you to get rid of expanses during some unfortunate accidents that may during your trip.

Keep a pen with you always that will be helpful to fill all the mandatory customs forms and other kinds of necessary form fill up formalities that you have to do.

Avoid carrying all the cash in your wallet. Select different places in your luggage bag and keep some amount of cash which can help you even if you lose the wallet. Also be a little tricky in keeping your cash in empty lip balm bottles and other places instead of just keeping it in your wallet.

One of the most common expenses that people go for is buying water bottles. Carrying an empty water bottle can save you from all the expenses in buying water bottles. Also carry your own bottle instead of depending on the airlines for drinking purposes.

Travelling is fun when you do a popper research of the place you are going to visit. So be aware of the weather of the place and accordingly pack your luggage that will make you trip memorable for a life time.