Travel Adventures in Bulgaria

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Bulgaria fast becoming a top tourist destination for travel and adventure enthusiasts. It is a wonderful country that combines nature with all sorts of different outdoor activities for sport enthusiasts. If you would like to experience something more than just sightseeing or beach relaxation, you should definitely come to Bulgaria and take advantage of the numerous outdoor opportunities it provides.

Horseback riding

Horseback riding is the best way to explore scenic Bulgaria. Whether you are an experienced rider or a beginner, you can avail of one of the fantastic itineraries intended for horse riding in Strandja, Rhodope, Rila and Pirin mountains. This is a wonderful chance for newcomers to get acquainted with the picturesque Bulgarian nature, with its rivers and waterfalls, forests and lush pastures, abundant wildlife, mountain lakes and blue skies. Be completely immersed in nature horseback riding through the mountains.


You will be amazed of the number of caves you can explore in Bulgaria. More than 4600 caves are located in the most picturesque places in Bulgaria, so caving in this country is easily accessible, you do not need to travel into the wilderness for the ultimate caving experience. Become acquainted with archaeological artifacts on exploration digs to find traces of pre-historical life. Topping the list for adventure caving  is Trigrad, a small town located in Rhodope mountain, where seven of the deepest and accessible caves can be found. Their stalactites and stalagmites, along with water pools and dentrites will make your vacation full of unexpected adventures.Try black water rafting for caving from a different angle. The brave can tour the ominous  Devil’s Throat cave, where you will see the greatest waterfall cascade in the Balkans.


Bulgaria offers unlimited hiking tours in the most scenic places in the country – the mountains of Rhodope, Pirin, Sredna Gora, Rila, which have a lot to offer to the tourists. Take a break from horse back riding and trample through the mud. You will be able to explore amazing caves and gorges, forested peaks and valleys, meadows bathed in sunlight, oak and pine forests, etc. There are hundreds of trails and routes to choose from and each of them will lead you to a picturesque place full of unique flora and fauna. Bulgaria boasts with its numerous reserves and nature parks where protected species can be seen.


Take your canoe or kayak and come to Bulgaria to explore all wonderful rivers and lakes that provide amazing chance for practicing your favorite sport. Spring and summer are the best time for kayaking. One of the best places to go is the Rhodope Mountains, located in south Bulgaria. The landscape is breathtaking and you will really enjoy the nature that surrounds you. Bulgarian coast provides another chance for kayaking, where you can join some of the sea kayak tours organized there during the summer. This will allow you to combine your beach vacation with your favorite outdoor activity. The longest Bulgarian river, Danube, which is a natural border with Romania, provides wonderful chances for kayaking as well. You are able to take even an international Danube kayak tour that ends in Bulgaria, starting from Germany.


Bulgaria provides limitless options for climbing in any of Bulgarian mountains and other climbing areas. Among the best places to climb that are secured and safe even for inexperienced climbers are Vratsa rocks, Pirin and Rila Mountains. There are a great number of routes with different levels of difficulty, so every climbing enthusiast can take this challenge.
These are just some of the outdoors activities that promise you a great adventure while you are in Bulgaria. Apart from them, you can enjoy also paragliding, skiing, windsurfing and whatever else you can imagine.