Top 5 Hidden Islands in the Mediterranean Sea

If you want to know more about the Mediterranean hidden gems, then this is the place to look. You might hear people talking about secret islands and secluded beaches but then you find a tour bus or cruise stop will bring a flood of tourists. Well, there are a few places in the Mediterranean that are true hidden islands only visited by those adventurous sailors or those who know where to look!

What are the best ways to visit these islands? Chartering a yacht or booking on flotilla holidays are the best ways to see more secluded places in this beautiful part of the world. Whether you are looking for a Mediterranean adventure or trying to find the perfect place to relax, here are five hidden islands you should check out on holiday in the Med.

  1. Koufonisia, Greece

Made up of three small islands, Koufonsia remains a traditional fishing community in Greece. Only one of the three islands are inhabited and most of these people’s occupation is of course fishing. Although more tourists have visited in recent years, this gem of a Greek Island has unjaded natural beauty and traditions.

The main town with its white windmill has a friendly laid-back vibe inviting you to explore the narrow streets, browse local stores and of course try the delicious fresh seafood. If it is a beach you are looking for then head for Pori beach. You’ll find this wild beach has little in the way of facilities, just a beach bar, so you should bring a towel to lay on the white sand and enjoy the wild untamed beauty.

Special events here include a procession and a feast on Saint Georges day. At Easter time, On Good Friday the port is floodlit by torches and on Easter Sunday fireworks are let off to light the skies. In June the feast of the fishermen is celebrated where people dance traditional dances and sing and perform songs, as well as serving excellent food and drinks. If you get chance to visit for one of these celebrations you won’t be disappointed.

  1. Vis, Croatia

This island is the furthest island from the mainland, however you can get here easily from Split. You will probably enter Vis at the main town of Vis Luka, where you’ll find Cafes and restaurants along the water front and the little squares.

From Vis Luka you can take a short pleasant walk to the other end of the bay to the small village of Kut. The walk is worth it for the views and there is a tranquil local feel in the small squares of this place. If you want to find a nearby beach, then Granvalac is in walking distance from Kut.

At the other end of the island is Komiza which is mostly a traditional fishing village and an excellent place to try the fresh local seafood. Choose from the cafes, bars and restaurants that line the promenade and enjoy the calm atmosphere and lovely views. From here you can also take a trip to nearby Bisevo island to see the popular blue caves which naturally light up at certain times of the day. If it is beaches you are after you’ll find plenty on Vis, most of them are pebble beaches though. But for the best sandy beaches and a place for catching the sun try Stoncica, Stiniva and Srebena all on the eastern side of the island.

  1. Formentera, Spain

An alternative to the party island of Ibiza, this tranquil, naturally beautiful island is truly a Mediterranean paradise. The clear waters and miles of sandy beaches are the perfect place to relax. The most famous beach is Platja de ses Illetes, which is also a nudist beach. If you’re looking for a less populated beach then choose Migjorn and you will find a tranquil spot.

Scooter and bicycle are the preferred methods of transport here and they are the easiest ways of getting around the island. Getting to Formentera however is best by yacht. You can get close to the mainland and anchor in some spectacularly scenic spots.

If you are looking for late night bars and cafes then head to Es Pujols which has good nightlife in a more relaxed style than the short hop to the bright lights of Ibiza. For relaxation in the north of the island you should visit the ‘’Parc Natural de Ses Salinas” at The Espalmador Island. Which is a natural reserve with spa like mud baths. An excellent place to relax and rejuvenate a tired body in the healing muds.

  1. Pantelleria, Italy

This rocky island is often called the “Black Pearl of the Mediterranean”. Pantellerias volcanic landscape makes it an interesting and strikingly different place to visit in the Mediterranean. It is nearer to the African continent that to Europe but you will still find a very Sicilian inspired place. The wonderful location means at night the skies are alive with stars. A chance to enjoy a luxury that city dwellers rarely get to see these days.

Capers are produced on the island and accompany fish from Sicily in most of the seafood dishes in restaurants here. The main town Pantelleria town has the most places to eat and drink but you will find other cafes and restaurants dotted around this destination.

One of the main attractions on the island is Venus’ Mirror which is a natural lake formed in a volcanic crater. The lake is fed by both rainwater and a thermal spring, and you can watch the colours change from greens to light and dark blues. The mineral rich mud found in this lake is said to have excellent qualities for your skin.

  1. Alonnisos, Greece

Unchanged by visiting tourists this island has retained its charm and tradition. You’ll find this island near to Skiatos and Skopelos in the Western Aegean part of the Northern Sporades. You’ll find fantastic local produce here including almonds, grapes, figs and olives which are grown in farms and vineyards within the pine trees that dominate the centre of this destination.

A top place to visit here is the Marine park which was created to protect the Mediterranean monk seals and the delicate eco-system in the area. In the south, you’ll encounter beautiful pebble beaches, the main Old Village and the bustling port of Patitiri.

If you want a truly authentic Greek Island experience then you should definitely put this charming island on your list. An excellent stop to relax and explore when on a sailing holiday.

Have you visited any of these top 5 hidden islands in the Mediterranean?

It is amazing that so many different hidden gems can be found in the same small sea. There are plenty of perfect islands in the world but here you can see lots of them all in one place. Exploring all the Mediterranean has to offer will take you some time, but these little beauties should definitely be on your agenda. Have you visited any of these islands? Or perhaps you would suggest other destinations to make the list of top hidden islands in the Mediterranean Sea.