Top 3 Reasons you Travel By Cruise Ship

Cruising is a great way to see the world without flying, for those who fear flying it is a no brainer. But even for those who tolerate or even enjoy flying there are plenty of reasons to consider taking a cruise instead as an alternate way of travel.

On a cruise you will generally live in luxurious conditions, be very well taken care of by the staff onboard and have the chance to travel to multiple locations in one trip. There are usually great facilities & onboard entertainment with plenty of opportunities to socialize with new people. Traveling at sea can have a calming effect on those who decide to cruise and it doesn’t even need to be expensive! Check out our top 3 reasons to travel by cruise ship and then look for a last minute cruise holiday.

Takes the stress out of traveling

You arrive at the port, hop onto your ferry, meet the staff and then you are taken to your room where your holiday begins! No waiting around in airports, no flying on planes, no taxi’s to your hotel and most importantly no stress.

It doesn’t stop there either. When on a cruise you will likely be given options on when and where you can stop or you may have arranged a fixed itinerary in advance. This means that once aboard your ship you will not have to worry about anything. The staff on the cruise will arrange your tours for you. Since you will never be in transit there is very little to fret over, this allows you to really take the time to de-stress and relax on your holiday which can at times be difficult for people who like everything to be organized.

All you can eat & all you can drink!

Cruise ships offer different options to their guests in terms of their food & drinks package. They usually offer an unlimited package for their guests which can really be taken advantage of by people who really enjoy their food and drink!

Unlimited consumption packages can be a game changer for some people! If you have a big appetite and you would also like to unwind with Cocktails and Wine each evening then this is a great option for you. While hotels also offer full board, you can at times be limited to the fixed meals they serve each day in a limited number of restaurants. Large cruise ships tend to have a greater number of options on board with many different restaurants and bars to choose from. If you like to go all inclusive, then a cruise holiday may be your perfect vacation!


Easily Visit Multiple Places during one trip

We already touched upon how cruising can take the stress out of travel. This is especially true for people who want to travel to multiple places and countries in one trip. Traveling by cruise ship can also save a lot of time. Flying from one destination to another, taking public transport & checking in out of hotels new hotels can be very time-consuming. On top of this you have all your packing to do and in some case preparing your trips for the next day. When traveling by cruise you do not have to worry about any of this. For those with a limited about of time to take off work, cruising can help travelers maximize their time on a trip so that it is spent relaxing and visiting tourist destinations and nothing else.

In destinations such as the Caribbean, it is both very difficult and expensive to fly from country to country. If you want to stay in one destination in one hotel that is fine, but those who want to visit multiple Caribbean destinations will find it far cheaper to do so when opting to travel via cruise.