3 Alternative Career Pathways for those with a Law Degree

According to the Guardian, the average wage for law degree graduates is between 25,000 to 30,000 for the first 5 years of work.  This may not sound like a huge amount but what must be taken into account is the variance between different parts of the UK. London’s Big 5 law firms in comparison provide trainees lawyers with more than 40,000 in annual wages.

But just because you are studying law it doesn’t mean you will end up being a lawyer. The law degree is a great well-rounded subject which will give you opportunities to work in many different kinds of roles upon graduation. Those interested in a career directly in law should use a legal recruitment agency for assistance, those looking for something a little different should consider the 5 alternative careers shown below. All of these careers are suitable for those who possess the skills that were required to successfully obtain their Law Degree.

Advice Worker, starting salary £16,000 and £23,000

Individuals with good interpersonal skills and a background in law make good candidates to become Advice workers. Advice workers as the name would suggest providing advice for their clients with a number of different personal problems. Clients who have racked up debt, are suffering from housing issues and even drugs and alcohol abuse are often seen by advice workers. Having a sold legal understanding can help advise workers give appropriate advice and ensure that clients make the right decisions. I’m some cases people with legal issues may directly come to advise workers for help, in this situation, of course, having a degree in law will be very beneficial.


Chartered Accountant, Graduate Salary £25,000

Those who want to become chartered accountants will, of course, need further education specific to finance and accounting topics in order to successfully qualify to become chartered accountants. However, in many cases graduates from different backgrounds will be able to qualify to work for companies which will then pay for the training of their staff to become chartered accountants. Those with law degrees are often looked upon favorably as law graduates will have likely picked up some essential skills which can easily cross over into accounting. Law Graduates will likely be good at paying attention to detail which is extremely important in accounting and those with a good legal understanding of areas business and taxation will likely be well qualified to advise their clients in relevant situations.


Patent Attorney, Trainee Salary £30,000

Those with Scientific or Legal backgrounds are likely suitable candidates to become Patent Attorneys. The role of a patent attorney is to draft patents and advise clients on their legal position to see if they will be granted patents. Salaries once qualified are very high with individuals able to earn up to 6 figure. Candidates will require confidence, a strong eye for detail and a good analytical mind. These skills are likely to be possessed by those law graduates and this is, therefore, a very suitable career for many.