Jared Seyl Denver – What Skills Does a CEO Possess?

Have you ever dreamed of one day heading up your own firm and being the chief executive officer? If so then you aren’t alone and there are thousands of students all over the world who would love to have a career like this. To understand whether or not this is for you it is important to understand the skill sets which these successful men and women have. I spent some time with Jared Seyl Denver-based CEO , who runs a highly successful farmers insurance company here in Greenwood Village,, CO, to find out just what kind of skills are required to hold such a lofty position.


If you want this type of position then you should be aware of the fact that it will not just fall into your lap. CEOs are hungry, goal-driven individuals who have got to where they are thanks to this hunger and they have lead a career which has been driven by high performance and great results. If you aren’t hungry and you don’t have the desire to get this kind of position then it will never happen for you.

Forward Thinking

Only a very small percentage of a CEOs work involves the now and every great CEO will always have one eye on the future. The reason for this is twofold, firstly so that any potential risks or dangers which are on the horizon can be spotted and planned for and secondly so that any new gaps in the market or news ways of working can be seen and exposed before the competition do.


The ability to build relationships across all levels is the hallmark of any great CEO and this is a skill which you must have if you ever wish to take on such a position. In order to even get the role of CEO you must have the backing of many in the company and once you are installed it is vital that you understand how to manage a variety of relationships with people in your team and with people from outside of the business.


The ability to inspire and to motivate are key aspects of a CEOs daily life and this is something which you must have a knack for. Not everyone gets inspired by the same things or in the same way so it will be up to you to identify how you need to be in order to get the absolute most from your team.

Decision Making

Making correct decisions is also something you’ll need to be good at if you wish to become a CEO and you need to understand the process by which decisions should be taken. When making a decision you need to know who to consult, how to weigh up risks and most importantly having the courage to make decisions.

If you present some of these skills already then you may be a good candidate to one day become a successful CEO.