Today is World Tourism Day: How Much Have You Travelled?


Photo by CC user Moyan Breen on Flickr.

St. Augustine once said that “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page,” I’m not sure that a truer word has ever been spoken about traveling this World of ours, seeking not only new landscapes, new cultures, new experiences and in ourselves finding new people. Traveling doesn’t simply come down to how many places on a map that you can point out as having visited or how many landmarks you can take a selfie with, traveling is more about the journey than the destination and today of all days, World Tourism Day, is when you should ask yourself how many of those journeys you have been on.

Hardly Traveled?

For those among you have few travels under your belts, ask yourself why not, too scared? Lack of money? Lack of desire? Stuck in your bubble? Whatever the reasons are, you should view them as roadblocks to new discoveries, whether travel is something that you think you truly desire or not it is and will be a very important step in the building of your character and the way in which you view the World. Remember that traveling doesn’t have to be a far flung journey to the other side of the World, in just a 2 hour bus or train ride from your home you can discover something new and truly remarkable, remember that it is the journey and not the destination that is important.

Traveled a Bit in Your Youth?

Contrary to what society might have you believe, there is no age limit on traveling, perhaps staying in budget hostels and living out of a backpack isn’t for you if you are 62 but that shouldn’t stop you from getting on a plane a visiting an arctic glacier or booking yourself into a Jamaica resort to experience something new and exciting. The type of travel may have changed from when you were young but the desire never leaves you, stop making excuses such as work or family responsibilities and go and see some more of this awesome World we live in.

Annual Vacations

There is nothing wrong with vacation traveling but if you simply book into a 5 star, all-inclusive resort each year then you can’t exactly call that traveling. There is nothing wrong with these holidays, just ensure that when you are in your chosen country that you get out and about and discover new cultures.

Have a 5 Full Passports?

Congratulations you travel champion, you’ve stopped at nothing to explore the planet, you will no doubt be full of amazing travel experiences, have met some truly wonderful, and perhaps horrible, people along the way and will have photo albums full of your travels. You will be more than well aware of this drug we like to call travel and there is no way you’ll be stopping now, keep those adventures going!