How to Choose the Best Storage Center

If the need for a storage unit, where do you start?

For the millions of Americans that rent from storage centers on a regular basis, finding the best ones to meet their needs should not prove a daunting task. That said one doesn’t want to just take one out of the blue, something they may end up regretting down the road.


While storage center information is all over the Internet, a prospective renter should use that information as just that, information. Going to visit a site first-hand is the only way to truly know if it is right for you.

Among the things to look at (see more below) include:

  • Where it is located
  • How much the monthly charge is
  • If the facility is secure
  • Are there any issues as far as mold, bugs, and animals?

When the time arises for you to consider renting from a storage center, will you ultimately end up choosing the best one?

Do Your Homework

So that you are able to better select from the countless storage units out there, here are a few quick pointers:

  • Location – Don’t rent from a storage center where location is going to be an issue for you. Whether it is too far from where you live or in a neighborhood you deem to be unsafe, location can’t and shouldn’t be taken for granted. While you probably don’t want to drive an hour each way to what you might deem the best storage center available, don’t take shortcuts either. Find one a reasonable distance from where you reside, knowing that it is secure (see more below) and not a hassle getting to;
  • Security – Speaking of security a minute ago, this matter should never be overlooked. For example, you want a center where both locks and/or coded entries are required to get onto the main grounds. From there, video cameras should be recording all individuals coming and going. It doesn’t hurt to have security inside the hallways of the units either. Keeping all customers (and employees for that matter) safe and secure should always be a top priority of ownership.

Will You Get a Good Deal?

  • Prices – Given you may be one of the millions of Americans watching your dollars these days, you want a good deal whenever you can get one. That said shop around, allowing you to get at minimum a handful of storage center options. Some centers have specials like the first month free of rent etc. so be sure to look for such bargains. Whatever money you can save with a storage unit contract will prove well worth it;
  • Cleanliness – No storage center is going to be spotless. That being the case, you also in turn do not want one where bugs and even mold could be issues. While bugs are essentially a nuisance, they are still capable of getting into your items and causing a mess. On the other hand, mold can prove to be quite a serious problem. Ask anyone who may have rented a storage unit from a place that didn’t properly ventilate the units etc. what kind of damages such inactions caused. If you get mold in your unit, you could not only have damaged goods, but some that must be destroyed. If you take the items back to your home at some point and time, it can easily lead to mold in your residence. Just as taking care of your car or other major investment, it is important to care for your other important possessions too, so don’t overlook cleanliness in a unit;
  • Service – Finally, go with a storage center where you get treated like a real customer, not just a payment. Yes, storage center owners are in business to make money, but customer service should never suffer as a result of this. You want a storage center where ownership and staff answer any and all questions you have, along with promptly addressing any concerns and/or issues.

If the time has come for you to choose the best storage center option out there, are you ready to go?