These Are The Security Features You Need In Your Next Self Storage Unit

When it comes to storing your valuable belongings in a self-storage unit, security is your number one concern. You know that without proper security features in place, your items are at risk of being stolen, lost, or damaged. To make sure whatever you put away into storage comes out the same way as it went in, you should look for particular security measures. The self-storage company you choose should use these to keep burglars, pests, and the environment from ruining your property.


Storage facilities face a unique set of scenarios that can make them prone to pest infestations. Unlike your home, where you control everything that goes in and out of its doors, a self-storage facility will see hundreds of people moving their belongings. If the company has lax screening measures or poor cleaning schedules, this can allow for contaminated items sharing the same facility as yours. You don’t want to worry if the previous renters had bed bugs, so be sure to investigate the cleanliness of the storage companies in your area. A property manager should happily give you a tour of their facilities, explaining how they maintain clean, pest-free areas to keep your items safe.

During your tour, you should remember to ask about climate control features. It’s often an overlooked aspect of your self-storage unit’s security, but it’s incredibly important. In the GTA, temperatures fluctuate greatly from anywhere near -30 Celsius in the winter to over 30 in the summer. Without climate control in your unit, those belongings that are sensitive to extreme temperatures can suffer for it. Wood and wooden furniture, fine art, photographs, books, electronics, and paper records are susceptible to temperature fluctuations. If you plan on using your storage unit to keep these kinds of items, then climate control is necessary. Your unit should be fully sealed and insulated, with protection against flooding.

Of course, the physical security of your valuable belongings takes the cake. What’s the good of keeping your unit climate controlled and free of pests if your stuff is at risk of theft? Not much, so be sure to enquire about how the facilities are protected from theft during your tour of any prospective storage company. At
Abacus Self Storage, surveillance video cameras, personalized key codes, fenced enclosures, and security alarms are in place to protect your unit. In-person checks are also completed by the property manager to ensure everything’s in working order, including the climate control settings.

It’s the personal touch in the details such as those you want to look out for in your storage company. Set up as many tours as possible with the storage companies in your area until you find one that can offer you cleanliness, climate control, and security. With these protections in place, your stored belongings will be safe.