Tips for Traveling in the Thai Islands

Thai Islands

Photo Credit: Creative Commons

Thailand is an incredibly beautiful country and popular tourist destination in the Southeast Asia. While the entire country is just waiting to be explored, the Thai islands are a particularly strong draw for holiday makers. Travelers come from around the world to soak up the sun, sink into the sugary white palm-fringed beaches, dive in the turquoise blue waters, snorkel among the colorful marine life, party amidst the vibrant night life and relax under the swaying palms.

Tips for traveling in the Thai islands:

1. Hiring taxis

Getting to and from the islands will include a few taxi rides. All taxis in Thailand do not have the meter and they charge you a fixed rate for which you have to bargain. Hence make sure not to get into a taxi that does not have a meter on. However tuk tuks are not equipped with meters. Also be careful when taking the songthaew taxi’s after dark as they charge higher the later and further distance you travel.

2. Drinking water

It is not safe to drink water directly from the tap but bottled water is available everywhere. Buy a large 5 liter just to make sure you keep hydrated throughout your stay.

3. Find the island and beach right for you

Love climbing? Head to the beaches of Railay. What to spend some time snorkeling or taking diving classes, stay on the charming island of Koh Tao. Looking for 5-star resorts and long beaches? Phuket holidays can cater to your every need.

4. Sunscreen lotion

The sun is bright and shining in Thai islands and you have to prepare and equip yourself for the scorching sun. If you do not wear a sunscreen lotion you will easily get sun burned. Hence a sun screen lotion is a vital thing. It can be bought in Thailand itself. However it is a bit expensive and hence advisable to pack with you.

5. Dress code

Thais are very tolerant to the foreign tourists. However it is advisable to maintain a strict dress code when visiting temples to show your respect. This dress code is strictly followed at the Grand Palace. If you are not prepared do not fret you can rent out loose pants for gents and wraps for ladies at the temple itself.

6. Rest and relaxation

If you a person who prefer some rest and relaxation choose either the Koh Chang or the Koh Adang as there are the perfect places to just lounge around and enjoy the stunning picturesque scenery.

7. Resorts

If resorts, spas, pampering and crowd is what your expectations are then go for the Phuket, Koh Phi Phi or Koh Ngai as they have tons of beautifully developed resorts.

8. Diving and snorkeling activities

However if diving and snorkeling is your way of life do not miss Koh Tao, Phuket and Similan Islands.

9. Partying

If you are a party lover there are plenty of great party spots for you like the Koh Pha Ngan, Koh Samui and Koh Phi Phi to choose from.

10. Be patient and soak it all in

Island times is a real thing — if things aren’t running on the schedule you think they should, mai pen rai (no worries). Relax and enjoy the ride.

Have you visited the Thai islands? What tips would you share with other travelers?