The Intermittent Exchange – 5 Things You Should Update in Your 30’s

So you have made it all the way to 30, congratulations!

As you enter a new decade in your life, it is probably time to make some changes to better accommodate your lifestyle, whether it’s changing up your hair or finally getting that new luxury car with the help of Cars & Co, now is the perfect time to let your hair down. If you are sitting there, wanting to make some changes but not knowing where to start, try not to stress! To save you the trouble of trying to compile your own list, here are 5 things you should update in your 30’s.

Wondering what Things You Should Update in Your 30’s? This post has the answers you are looking for


How you dress everyday can largely affect how you feel.

If you are holding on to some pieces from your early 20’s or even a bit earlier that are outdated, are no longer your style, or do not fit anymore, this may not leave you feeling your best. This is especially true if your wardrobe is cluttered with things you just can’t get rid of.

It may be time to rip off the band-aid and do a good old clean out.

You can sell what you no longer want at a garage sale, give it to a younger friend or family member, or even give it to an op shop. Doing a massive clean out can leave your room feeling less cluttered and can make room for more clothes that better suit how you are now.


Finding a new job, especially when you are a bit older, can definitely be a hard task.

However, staying in a job that no longer fulfils you or makes you happy can be far more detrimental. If you are in a position where you are able to, try to start looking around at other places for positions that are similar, if not better, than the one you are already in.

If you are feeling adventurous, or simply ready to take another plunge in life, try a whole new position all together, you may find something you truly love that you never even thought of doing before.

Travel Experience

If you have made it this far sitting on wishes of travelling, now might be the perfect time to get out and actually do them. You don’t necessarily have to pack up shop, quit your job, and travel for lengthy periods of time if that is not what you are into. Even small trips in your own country, seeing things and doing things that you have not before, can be a big and exciting journey.


Having the same life goals throughout your whole life is great!

It shows you are truly passionate about what you love, but as you get older it may be time to broaden your horizons, find other things you are also passionate about and add them into the equation. Having more that you would like to achieve should not be daunting, it should give you more drive to set out and try or do more things with your life.


If you have been driving around in the same old car that just doesn’t feel good anymore, or is not the car you have wanted for ages, then it may be time to change. If you are making changes in every other aspect of your life, why not change what drives you around?

You should make your life everything you have always wanted.

The only person in control is you, so why not take the time to start doing things you love and have always dreamed of? Have fun, and don’t let anything stop you!