The Vibrant Color Palette’s Comeback in Design

For the last few years, we’ve been told that painting our spaces eggshell or beige will help us to better bring out the furnishings in our home. All it’s really done is make our spaces look boring and bland. Besides, who can live in such an uninspiring space?

Color to Inspire

The people have spoken: mute colors are out, and vibrant colors are in. As you’re probably already aware, color affects our mood. According to The Huffington Post, we have a horde of associations with colors. Yellow helps to make us happy, blue helps us to feel calm and red triggers activity. So why are we decorating our spaces in drab color tones? To warm up our spaces and get reenergized, we need color. We can do that with paint, our fixtures and in our furnishings, in textiles and prints. The first place to start would be with the walls.

Design blog Housebeautiful tells renovators to “go bold” in color. Housebeautiful suggests sky blue for the living room. Sky blue will open up a closed space and help it to feel light and airy. Soft pink too, will help to bring out the architectural details in your home, such as in the crown molding or rug pattern. It’s not only our walls that could use a splash of color though, so could our furnishings.

Experimenting with Colored Furnishings 

Going bold with color tells the world that we are unafraid. It tells the world that we’re living our lives as we see fit. After you have painted your walls, turn your attention to your furnishings. Does your furniture match your living room’s old, dust-coated white walls? It probably does. When we decorate our rooms, we usually stick with a theme. Sticking with a theme doesn’t usually work in our best interest—It’s boring, dull and lackluster. Unfortunately, we can’t always paint our walls, at least if we’re renting and the landlord doesn’t let us spruce up the pace. There are other ways to transform our spaces. Let’s take a look at three furniture pieces that can change up our living quarters.

The Sofa

Designers like those at Gus Modern have built a sofa that is functional, colorful and beautiful. The muskoka surf blue Atwood Bi-Sectional is a tufted, tailored work of art. The blue fabric paired with the solid walnut wood base will bring refinement and class to any living room, not to mention looking like it’s right out of Architectural Digest.

The Chair

Every great sofa needs a superb chair to help balance out the living room, and the brilliant designers at Vitra have done just that. The Fauteuil Direction armchair features wooden armrests (providing a balance with the wooden base of the Gus Modern sofa discussed above) and soft, rounded cushions. Available in a variety of colors, the Fauteuil Direction armchair can be paired with any colored sofa or in any living room.

The Table

No living room is complete without a table. Be it a side table, coffee table, or media table, every living room needs, no, requires a table. Tables support our lamps to light the room, support our feet, books and television set. Blu Dot’s watermelon-colored Strut consule table is built of a powder-coated steel frame with an MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) table top. The consule table’s solid, industrial steel frame will pack a punch in the living room with its color and linear design. And wouldn’t you know, mixing and matching materials (like wood and steel) adds a rustic and industrial touch to your space—an interior design style that’s in this season.

Color spruces up our spaces and naturally makes us happier—so, let’s get to it!