The Ultimate Age Appropriate Orlando Theme Park List

Orlando Parks

Photo Credit: Creative Commons

Everyone knows that Orlando is a fantastic place for a family vacation because of the tons of different family related things to do, like the amazing theme parks!  When you only have a few days to check these great parks with their thrills and spills, it can be hard to know where to go, and what to ride for the right age groups.  This list is here to help you make the most out of your theme park Orlando vacation.

Disney’s Magic Kingdom Park for the Toddlers

This Park is the ideal place to go when you have toddler you’re carrying around, then again this park really is amazement for someone of any age.  There are plenty of rides for the little ones to enjoy as well getting to meet their favorite Disney characters!  Plus if you have a little one that doesn’t like leaving mom or dad, there are tons of rides the parents to go on with the kids.  You want to make sure that you purchase Disney tickets because really, what could be better than looking at their small faces as they enjoy these once in a lifetime experiences for the first time.

SeaWorld for the 4-12 year olds

The best thing about this park? While your kids are having the time of their lives getting to meet a bunch of sea animals they may have just learned about in school, they are actually even learning even more! Shamu’s Happy Harbor is the best attraction for the younger ones in the group and children who are slightly older should check out the Journey to Atlantis ride.This park also has some daring roller coasters too that are perfect for kids that are even older than nine.

Islands of Adventure for the Teens

There are so many thrill rides here that your teens might even get slightly overwhelmed, maybe even go speechless, for once.  One seriously classic ride that never gets old is the Incredible Hulk, which launches you forwards at 40mph in only two seconds, you might see your kids turn a little green. Now that the new addition of the Harry Potter World is also open, they can enjoy the fantastic new rides such as the Dueling Dragons and Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey.  Who really wouldn’t want to get the chance to ride around on a broom pretending to be a wizard?

Epcot for the Adults

Epcot is a theme park that started out with being a place to showcase all of the strides that was being made in technology, but then was turned into one of the biggest theme parks in Orlando. There is an aquarium, and buildings that are built to show the different nations of the world that let you learn so much new and interesting things about different cultures.  Then of course the crazy fun rides like Spaceship Earth. This really is a non-traditional theme park that also happens to have some fantastic shopping.