The Proactive Guide to Preparing Your Catamaran for Sale

The Proactive Guide to Preparing Your Catamaran for Sale will help you sell yours in record time

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When preparing to sell your sailing vessel for the heftiest haul you can get, ensuring that your boat is in top shape is an absolute necessity. However, the question of how you should go about that can be more pressing than the process itself, so hopefully we can give you a few quick tips on how to return your vessel to its former lustre!

As a person that goes through this process quite frequently, I can tell you which areas to focus on, where it’s worth spending money to make more profit, and how to ensure that the transaction goes without a hitch.

Coupled with our friends at Multihull Solutions, we’ve compiled some valuable hints and tips on how to prepare a catamaran for sale without unnecessary fuss or stress.

Setting the Stage

It is useful to think of your boat in the same way as you would a house. When selling a property, the advice is to strike a balance between spaces that look homely and inviting, but that don’t already have a strong personality. In other words, potential buyers want to be able to visualise their own presence on your boat, so removing personal trinkets and quirky design and décor choices is a good move. Cupboards and cabinets should be empty and the deck should contain only the basic items that will be sold with the vessel.

Clean and Clean Some More

There is nothing more important than presenting buyers with a spotless boat, both inside and out. If you’d be turned off by dirt and grime, so will they. Nothing turns people off faster than stains, marks, scuffs, and scratches and it is worth spending the time tending to them. Give the whole boat an intense scrub down from top to bottom. Don’t forget to clean scuppers and drains (especially under hatches) and outboard wells and stowage areas.

Preparing Your Service Log

As with the sale of a car, a boat should come with a log or record of previous engine work, so that the buyer is aware of any weaknesses and knows how well it has been cared for over the years. Ideally, you’ll have kept a folder or binder full of past receipts and documentation. That way, you can just hand it over and point out any major repairs or minor issues. This is really important and a lot of buyers won’t consider a boat unless it comes with a full service record.

Pimping Out Your Trailer

For boats with trailers, it is important to make sure that all of the mechanisms and the frame is in a good condition. If your boat looks great, but the trailer is falling apart, potential buyers are still likely to be discouraged. Fortunately, it is pretty easy to . You can remove rust spots with a wire brush and some metal primer. Spray paint is also an effective way to touch up worn patches on the frame and wheel wells. Make sure that you replace broken lights, rusty chains, and loose hooks and rollers.

To find out more about how you can prepare your boat for sale or to browse our range of second hand multihulls, click here to visit Multihull Solutions. We can help you to arrange a thorough inspection, give you advice on repairs, and make recommendations on where to advertise your boat and how to reach the right buyers who love this sport.