The Indie Side to the Sunshine State

If you’re a fan of Indie music and want to combine it with your holiday this summer there is only one destination that should be on your mind. A cheap holiday to Florida in 2013 is the ideal place for music lovers who want to embark on a pilgrimage to some of the best gig venues in the USA. Below is a low-down on the top 3 live music venues in the 24-hour city.

Music Crowd

Photo Credit: Creative Commons

Grand Central – Miami

The first thing that strikes you about this as a venue for live music is the open expanse of space. Its warehouse feel doesn’t detract from the imposing stage at the opposite side of the room and the energy generated from the loud yet crystal clear sound-system is a hit not to be missed. Both Friday and Saturday night play host to live bands not just from the local area but countrywide. The outside space has ample seating for those who need a breather from chaotic action inside too!


This is a venue where you have as much fun walking around admiring the place as you do enjoying the live music. Themed as a homage to revolutionaries from around the world the murals on display evoke a sense of awe and admiration usually reserved for the stage. Having hosted bands like Limp Bizkit, Killswitch Engage, Static X and British outfit Two Door Cinema Club, it’s a venue where you can see a well-known international talent one night and a local up and coming band the next, very in keeping with the indie spirit and ethos of live music production being accessible for all.


Photo Credit: Creative Commons

Churchill’s Pub

Unlike the other two choices this is a real back to basics Indie joint, no frills, and no illusions of grandeur in terms of décor. But what you have in place of this is a magnificent energy from an indie venue that constantly creates change and trends within the scene. If you want to uncover a band that people will soon be talking about get yourself down here and find yourself a hidden gem amongst a very British pub atmosphere, complete with pool table and beers from all over the U.K. Head there in September to enjoy the Annual Miami Rock Festival!

There are tonnes more venues throughout Florida well worth a visit and the beauty of it is all of them have their own unique character and quirks. So if you’re looking to combine your love of music and holidays on your next break there is nowhere else that should be above the Sunshine State.