Take Your Time Designing the Free Shirts You Will Give Away

Giving something for free is a good idea. It allows new customers to come into the fold and it retains the loyalty of old customers. Make sure though that you are not giving an ordinary shirt. You want people to appreciate what you are offering. If it is a shirt that has an unappealing design, people might not wear it. You want them to wear something they can be proud of since they will most likely wear it several times.

Hence, you need to spend your time thinking of the best shirt design. Don’t worry about printing since you can find a next day t-shirt printing company if you are in a hurry to start giving out the shirts. It does not matter if you take longer to finish the design because you fight with your marketing team about what to do. The printing company can do it quickly without sacrificing quality.

Think of your brand

What kind of message do you want to give out using your shirt? Do you want people to know your brand? Do you want them to call you or explore online for more information about your business? You need to answer these questions first before you start designing. You also need to think of your target customers. What do you want to tell them? The theme of the shirt needs to revolve around the people you intend to buy your products.

Consider your budget

Cost is not necessarily the priority if you know you can get something back out of this endeavour, but you still need to stay within budget. You are using these shirts for advertising, but it is still unknown whether or not the effort will be effective. Therefore, you don’t want to blow your budget when you can find a way to decrease the cost and achieve the same goal.

Avoid overdesigning

It is a mistake that could turn off potential customers. You want them to wear the shirts; putting too much on the shirt might make them decide not to wear it. They will feel like you are only using them for advertising, and it will not help your cause. You want them to wear a shirt that they can use wherever they go. The advertising part is only secondary.

Contact the printing company

After you come up with your design, you can speak with the printing company to discuss the product. You can ask for the final quotation based on the design. Some printing companies allow next day delivery, but you might have to pay more for rushed services. After you decide the details, you can tell them to start working on the shirts.

Find a reliable company that will be there for you even during the busiest seasons of the year. You also need to ensure the quality of the shirt printing so that the free merchandise will last a long time.