Sextech! The future of endless pleasure.

Technology is advancing all aspects of life. Ever wondered what sex will be like in the future? If Technology such as Skype’s Voice-Over-Internet-Protocol has enabled long distance face to face communication, we might consider having long distance sexual pleasures come 2028. That’s incredible! Every industry is developing technology wise for example gambling industry is also developing to check up visit and see it for yourself.

Sports betting sites are not the only place who are looking at including tech in their endeavors, digital sex has managed to improve self-sexual pleasures by introducing Sex Robots. However, this invention is appealing to some people who prefer engaging in sexual activities with their partners rather than a lifelike humanoid.

Digisexuality/Advanced AI-based sex dolls

Sex robots are invented to satisfy human sexual desires. The almost alive humanoids can respond to dirty talk, human touch and are very much active during sex. These “toys” are on the rise.

The Sex Bots are made in such a way that hips, breast, lips and mouth and groin have built-in sensors that when touched the doll is aroused and engages in dirty talk. Just like Siri, Apples’ voice assistant or the Google voice assistant, the robot can moan and speak after it gets aroused.

It would be an experience to have sex with a lifelike humanoid that won’t use emotions or will take matters to the heart. It’s a doll and is for a specific purpose. If you have hidden desires digi-sexuality has proven its worth.


As obvious and simple has its might sound, sexting still is an important way considered by many to sparkle a long distance relationship. This provides a good alternative to the use of sexbots or any other toy. However, many people are using the toys together with sexting to complete the sexual adventure.

A smartphone comes in very handy in many relationships. Even in real money gambling such as King Johnnie online casino australia , they have a big role to play. Flirting and dirty talks can be appealing to partners depending on their relationship. Sexts via text, WhatsApp and other applications are beneficial to partners who are far away from each other. Just a single nude picture or message sexts can excite and arouse your partner who would long to be closer to you.