Selecting Appropriate Artwork For Your Home

You have your room set-up but the walls are big, bare, and craving some art to complete the look. You might know what you like and don’t like when it comes to art and photography in general, but the feel and purpose you’re after for each room will help narrow your selections. There might be finished pieces you like at your local housewares store, art fair, or trade show, but there is also a large world of digital art online to buy and print at a local boutique shop, as well.

For the bedroom, art that reflects feelings of calm, serenity, and relaxation are a classic choice. A master bedroom could be a place to display intimate portraits or even risqué pieces. Family bedrooms belonging to the kids beg for fun and personality. Bedrooms aren’t usually seen by house guests, so it’s a chance to pick more personal pieces, or ones that don’t necessarily match per se, but that reflect personal choice and admiration. Bedrooms are also an opportunity to create a luxurious space to kick back and enjoy the beauty of. Over the bed is a popular choice to give that large space some attractive interest. Landscapes, particularly shots you’ve taken yourself and printed at a high-quality print shop, are a lovely personal choice. Modern metallic pieces like those found at are brilliant and luminous, which are perfect to grab the eye.

Bathrooms are often ignored in terms of artwork. They fill with moisture from the shower and are prone to damage. Yet, a nicely decorated bathroom is a great place to pamper yourself. Many apartments have bathrooms that are lacking in modern look and style, so upgrading it with some art is an easy way to improve the look and feel. To prevent damage, use high quality archival materials and acid-free papers. For personal pieces, add varnish to protect it – spray on works nicely. Photos and art that are framed under glass also works. Let your printing or framing store know where you intend to put the piece and what they recommend.

The kitchen is another room that is sometimes overlooked when choosing art pieces. A lot of time is spent in the kitchen and it is highly visible with its increased traffic, compared to the rest of the home. Smaller pieces that can go next to cupboards, above counter tops, or across from the fridge adds character to a room where the cooking and cleaning is done. Kitchens are a good place to put humorous, cute, folksy, or – of course – food related photos and art. Consider putting up a few shots from past family meals during the holidays or other occasions.

Living room styles vary widely: comfortable, traditional, fancy and rarely used. Large, eye-catching pieces are great for the living room, and, as a place where guests will often visit, spending a bit more on a piece that WOWs is worth it. The living room is also a classic place to arrange a selection of family and friends portraits in a creative collage.

Be sure to search online for each room of interest and look through Google Images at a wide selection of design ideas to find inspiration.