Packing Your Backpack With The Best School Supplies

We are not far away from the dreaded day of going back to school, and the final nail into the coffin that is summer. With that being said however, there is still some of the summer left to squeeze out, so now is the bets time to get ahead when preparing your backpack for the new school year. The reason to do it now is that you can do so with a spring in your step, rather than doing so with apprehension in the days running up to going back to school. Arriving on day one should always be done with a new backpack, and some shiny new supplies inside it, which will give you the best foundation to do well in the new school year, plus remember, there is social standing to consider. To ensure that you get things just right, here are the supplies which you will need to pick up before the new term gets started.


Even in this digital age, a paper notebook is still on of the best ways to jot things down during class, and give yourself a visual reference of what was discussed. There are many cool themes that you can but these days, so ensure that you get a book which has a cover that represents you.

Pen Game

To compliment your notebook you need to ensure that you pen game is on point, so be sure to get some highly colorful and well made pens to get started with. Extra special attention should be given to your pencil case, which for students is the equivalent of owning a car. Your pencil case should be functional and beautiful.

Phone Accessories

Phones are life in school, so you need to make sure that yours is ready to take on the new school year like you are. Make sure that you have a fully functioning charger, and consider investing in a power bank. A power bank can juice your phone up on the go, so a dead battery at school will no longer be an issue. Most importantly of course is fashion, and you need to make sure that you have a sleek new cover for that Galaxy or iPhone! Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus skins in particular look very trendy, so be sure that you upgrade your existing cover.


Music is what will get you through the year so you need to ensure that you have some solid headphones which you can use during breaks and e route to school. Noise cancelling headphones are the hottest at the moment, leaving nothing between you and the music.

Water Bottle

Many backpacks these days have a handy space for a water bottle on the outside pocket, so be sure to use it. You can get bottles of all designs these days, and one that matches your backpack will look absolutely awesome.

Make sure that you prepare well ahead of your new year, and don’t forget the importance of your backpack and its supplies.