Digital Marketing Vs Traditional Marketing

Every successful business owner knows that great marketing is what brings and keep potential customers. Most businessmen are also aware that there are various ways of marketing their services or products. More than ever now, people spend more time online than watching TV or reading newspapers. So, many businesses struggle to choose which kind of marketing they should choose, because most of time, their budget allows them to focus on only one type of marketing. So, is it digital marketing or traditional marketing?

Traditional Marketing

Like the name suggests, traditional marketing has been around since forever. This type of marketing is done through television, business cards, flyers, trade shows, newspapers, magazines and radio shows. These marketing methods are more than familiar is very easy to understand. Therefore, many businesses carry on with traditional marketing, as part of their yearly budgets. Some companies even go extreme by spending millions on advertisements during the Super Bowl. Even if traditional marketing adds value to a company, it is quite slow-paced compared to digital marketing. The perks of this type of marketing is that it effectively reaches a local audience. Also, the materials (hard copy) can be kept and used over again. However, there is no way to measure the engagement rate of traditional marketing! It is indeed a way of getting a brand known, but there’s never the guarantee that the people will be using the brand. Another downfall of this marketing method is that it is very expensive: printing and hiring people to disturb is costly.

Digital Marketing

The internet definitely plays a large part of many people’s daily lives, which means that digital marketing will never stop to grow. With this sort of marketing strategy, companies can reach a larger audience which are most relevant to their services or products. Compared to traditional marketing, digital marketing has a higher return on their investment. This form of marketing effectively reaches and convert potential customers. On platforms like Facebook and Twitter, customers are targeted much more easily. When it comes to email marketing UK and blogging, it helps companies to regularly communicate with their existing customers, while persuading new ones. The top advantage of digital marketing is that with the use of SEO, paid search campaigns and online videos, it lets customers find the companies, rather than the other way around. With digital marketing, companies have real-time results- they can measure the success of their campaigns through social media platforms. Plus, it is affordable as apart from paid ads, there are no other costs when it comes to organic digital marketing methods.

Given the perks and downfall of each of these marketing methods, it is fair to say that mixing both these strategies can be a plus point for any company. For instance, the bingo site– Booty Bingo, uses both techniques which is why it is one of the best online bingo sites. Booty Bingo has an active Facebook Page which can be directly accessed through the site itself. But it also makes its clients feel important by sending flyers, calendars or vouchers, to keep in touch.