How to Save Money on your Holiday

Who doesn’t enjoy a holiday?  Whether its yearly or every now and again, I think it is essential that everybody gets the nice break they deserve.  Like everyone when it comes to my one or two weeks away, I want the best and that little glimmer of paradise during my stay.  I mean everyone will have different views on what paradise actually is but I am sure that we can all agree on how important the price is.  We all want to have a good time but not all of us can afford or want to spend over the ends to find that relaxing holiday.  I am one of those people and I have a few tips that I would like to share that can help save money before and during your holiday.

Save Whilst Booking

One of the first ways that you can keep pricing down is by saving money on booking the holiday in the first place.  With the amount of different holiday makers and comparison sites now for holidays it can become a little overwhelming.  Where do you start? Should I trust that company? What do I get with that price?  Questions that will run through everyone’s mind when it comes to booking up.  What I like to do before checking holiday makers directly, is to check up on the various social media sites that pinpoint excellent deals from holiday makers.  By doing this you can save a lot of money and you can also get dead honest opinions of the service by others that use the group on social media.

Booking at Cheaper Times

If you don’t have holiday restrictions for factory shutdown or school holidays, then a great way to save money on your trip is by going outside of these dates.  Typically with the summer school holidays prices tend to rocket due to the demand.  So I would always advise to have a look online outside of these dates and you will find prices of up to half the cost.  This is a great way of getting the same holiday for much cheaper and it will allow you to use the additional funds you have save on holiday clothes or spending money etc.


Transport on holiday can become extremely expensive, whether it is connections from the airport or forking out for a taxi each night.  A lot of people tend to do this out of ease but they do not see how much money they can actually be saving.  Even by using the bus service at the airport or bussing to different locations when you reach the hotel can save you hundreds over your break.  A lot of people tend to be put off by using public transport but it is something extremely worthwhile, especially with the improvements that are being made with public transport across the world.  I have been speaking recently with Umberto de Pretto about the improvements of public transport; De Pretto is the Secretary General of IRU (International Road Transport Union) and has overseen improvements throughout the years.  He joined IRU in 1995 as Head of Economic Affairs and within his current role looks to embrace innovation that can excel the company’s opportunities in the future.


You want to go all out on holiday and so you should, this doesn’t stop you budgeting.  About 100 a day usually does it for me, it doesn’t feel like I am budgeting but it stops me from going over the top.  Hopefully some of these tips can help you when it comes to the holiday that you deserve.