Why Retirees Should Start Investing 

After retiring in 2014, I spent the first year struggling to find things to do with my time. In the following year I decided to take action and began to look at options to take my 401K early, and find ways to invest it. The first year was slow and turned into a learning curve, but since then I have made some great profits on my investments and I honestly believe that more retirees should use their new lease of life as a time to grow their wealth.

If you are retiring soon, or you have recently retired, here is why I think you should get involved in investments

Time Filler

Investing your cash is not as easy as finding an opportunity and paying up, it is also about researching and learning about various markets and the impact which move them up and down. A perfect example of this is the binary options that I started investing in last year, I spent 6 months studying, researching and annualizing before I eventually took the plunge, and I’d advise you to do the same with your investments. Check out the binary.com review if you want to learn more about this form of investment. Whatever you choose to invest in, your time will be really filled when you start to learn more about it.

Growing Your Wealth

Of course the main aim of investments is that you increase how much money you have and that you find ways in which you can grow your wealth. When I retired my house was paid for and my kids had already gone through college, in truth, I had little need for a great deal of money. With this being said however, I would love to be able to leave my kids and my grandkids a healthy amount of cash when my time is up, and this is one of the reasons why I like to try and make as much money as I possibly can.


Learning something new is something that keeps our brains young and you should try and take every opportunity that you can to try to educate yourself about something different. Most retirees don’t get the chance to learn about something new unless they take it upon themselves to do so, something which few of us do. In spite of this, it is very interesting that when there is money involved, we suddenly have the impetus to go and learn about something new. Not only does this learning experience help you to stay young, it also gives you something new to talk about with people, especially as you can no longer talk about work.

For me, the thrill of investing is in the studying and the analyzing, as well as the game itself, I do of course enjoy making money, but the whole experience of investment is what I love the most and it has been the perfect thing for me since retiring.