Should You Rent a Party Bus or Limo for your Next Special Event?

Want to make a big splash in your next social event? Rent a Party Bus...

If you’re planning for a wedding, graduation, birthday party (even one with an evil clown), corporate shindig, night out with friends or any other special event, sooner or later you’ll need to decide between renting a party bus or limo. As you can expect, there are pros and cons for both options. Here’s a rundown of some of the main factors you should consider as you make your choice:

  • Interior Room

Learning that a party bus has more interior room than a limo is about as “profound” as discover that water is wet. I mean, it goes without saying that one type of vehicle is obviously larger than the other!

However, what many people don’t grasp — simply because they’ve never been on a party bus — is just how massive some models are. It’s literally like a club on wheels. As such, if space is important to you and you’d like to make the journey part of the overall experience vs. a luxury way to get from point A to point B, then renting a party bus is the right move.

  • Amenities

Most luxury-class limos have a stocked bar, TV/DVD, wifi, and other amenities. Obviously, these are pleasant and enjoyable; especially if you want to lay back and unwind after a long day or a long flight.

On the other end of the spectrum are party busses, which as noted above are clubs on wheels. While there are different designs and models, most of them have professional-grade sound and lighting systems, entertainment and media center, bar, bathroom, and ample space for dancing.

Therefore, if you’re looking to avail yourself of jaw-dropping “1 percenter” amenities — or want to impress your guests and have them talking about their thrilling experience for months and years to come — then a party bus should be on your radar screen.

  • Cost

At first glance, a limo may clearly seem like the more cost-effective and affordable transportation option. However, if you consider that a party bus can safely shuttle around dozens of people vs. a limo where the maximum capacity is usually six or eight passengers, then the cost-per-person ratio plunges significantly. For example, instead of renting 10 limos for 50 people, you can rent 1 or 2 party busses. You do the math!

The Bottom Line

Nothing above is meant to suggest that limos are somehow inferior or sub-standard compared to a party bus. While the latter have some very nice advantages, it fundamentally comes down to what you need. If your goal is to comfortably go from place to place (e.g. from the head office to the airport), then a limo probably makes the most sense. But if you’re looking for an “experience on wheels” that will impress everyone aboard — actually, it’ll blow them away — then a party bus is the right way to go. Try it — you’ll thank me!