Psychedelic Music Festivals in Europe

Psychedelic Festivals

Photo Credit: Creative Commons

Psychedelic music has gained a lot of popularity over the years. It is an exceptional genre that features various instrumental melodies. These melodies are layered over fast riffs. Various festivals are held in Europe each year to showcase this music. The festivals give fans an opportunity to enjoy a variety of music from different parts of the
world. They showcase different cultures and this makes it a learning experience for the fans. Europe is the most popular venue for psychedelic music festivals. If you are a psychedelic music fan, these 4 psychedelic music festivals are a must-attend.

1. Sonica

This is a contemporary music, art, and culture festival that takes place annually in Italy. It features some of the most popular psychedelic artists from various European countries. The artists incorporate a mix of different styles in their music. This dance and music festival allows artists to publicize their work. The festival celebrates the natural world an this is evident in every performance you see on stage.

2. Boom

Boom Festival is one of the most popular psychedelic music festivals in Europe. It features a blend of diverse culture and visual arts from various different parts of the hold. It takes place every August in Portugal. Boom is scheduled to coincide with the full moon cycle. It attracts the largest crowds in Europe and most of the events are sold out. An advance ticket is ideal to make sure you do not miss out on this amazing festival.

3. Indian Spirit

As the name suggests, this festival has a lot of Indian influence. Indian Spirit is a blend of psychedelic music and traditional Indian culture. It takes place every year in Germany in September. You need to get an advance ticket to get a spot. Indian Spirit is held outdoors in the open air. If you enjoy this kind of music, the festival is the best weekend plan for the initial week of September. You can camp on the venue for the entire weekend and enjoy the diverse music. Fans have access to various amenities including portable dance floors and showers during the festival. One of the best experiences is the electronic music that is featured at the festival. The psychedelic artists offer everything from minimalist to progressive. Indian Spirit is exciting for both new and seasoned psychedelic music fans. The main objective is to reconnect with nature.

4. Liverpool International Festival of Psychedelia

The Liverpool International Festival of Psychedelia is organized to help fans expand their minds and enrich their souls. It takes place in Liverpool in the UK and features some of the best psychedelic artists from the country.