How To Protect Your Legal Claim After An Accident

Whether you slipped and fell in a store or you have been involved in a car accident, it is always a great idea to be skeptical of what the adjuster is offering you. This is especially true, if the adjuster is offering you an amount early on in the process. It is highly likely that they are just trying to pay you off quick and cheap, before you have the adequate time to discover what your claim is really worth. If this injury has put you out of work or given you a permanent disability, you need to ensure that you are getting a full and fair settlement, but how exactly can you go about doing this?

Speaking With A Lawyer

When it comes to protecting your claim there is simply no better asset than an experienced attorney. He or she can help you avoid any number of legal mistakes, as they are experienced in these matters and know the law. In addition to this, a good lawyer can ensure that the case progresses as quickly as it should. Sometimes adjustors might try to delay the case with unneeded investigations and additional adjustor visits just in the hopes that you will get desperate and settle for a lower amount.

Your lawyer will also be able to track your medical records and expenses and ensure that you are getting fair compensation for your injuries. Just keep in mind that you want to choose an attorney that you can trust and one that is willing to fight for you.

Always See A Doctor

Whether a car collides with a bicyclist and there does not appear to be any major issues, it is always a good idea to see a doctor right away. After an accident, many people might just suffer minor aches and pains and just avoid the hassle of seeing a doctor, but this can be a major mistake. There could be permanent injuries to your spine, muscles, joints, or ligaments that just have not presented themselves yet.

Take Pictures

If at all possible, you should capture pictures of the incident. If you are forced into court, you will be able to submit the pictures as evidence. This will support your claim and potentially help you get a larger money judgment.

Most mobile phones are installed with cameras, so you can utilize it to take the pictures. If you do not have access to a cellphone with a camera or digital camera, you should request to borrow one from a passerby or witness. Be sure to focus on body damage to all cars involved in the accident, especially your vehicle. It also never hurts to capture images of the road conditions and a driver of the other vehicle, if you believe that he/she is intoxicated.

Collect Information

Another great way to protect your legal claim is by collecting names of witnesses. The law enforcement officer overseeing the accident will collect this information from both you and the other drivers involved in the collision. When you are collecting the witness’s names, be sure to ask for their contact information, as well. So, your attorney and the court will have access to them for communications purposes and/or send them a summons to appear.