Exceptional Service – 6 Ways That a Serviced Office Can Benefit Your Business

Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash

When you decide to go into business on your own, there are so many things to address. Aside from initial considerations such as a business name, branding, and a list of products and services, you also need to think about location. Where will your customers be able to find you? What kind of image does your business location offer? If you’re ready to go property hunting, it might be time to consider whether serviced offices are right for you. Read about their benefits below:

Professional Image

Every business wants people to perceive them as being professional, and your location can contribute significantly to making an impressive impact. If you consider serviced offices, you may be able to immediately start on the right foot, rather than fight for your market share with a home or suburban office. Serviced offices within a business complex or prominent part of town can offer the kind of corporate address that instills a professional and trusted image in your potential clients’ minds.

Low Start-Up Costs

When you decide it’s time to venture out on your own, limited finances can restrict your growth in the early stages. While the future is unsure, what’s certain is that you will need to make a significant investment. However, with only 24.1 percent of small business loans approved by major banks, it’s crucial that you try to make your start-up costs as low as possible. Serviced offices with convenient weekly or monthly payments offer the opportunity to lower your start-up costs substantially, which will benefit your bottom line and conserve your start-up cash reserves


Maintaining an office is a costly and logistically complicated undertaking. Serviced offices provide all the infrastructure, equipment, furnishings and essential office services and amenities that you require to function smoothly so that you can focus on growing your business and winning deals.


Typically, serviced offices are within a business complex. If you’re experiencing your first foray into the world of business, the proximity to similar or related firms located in the same complex may benefit your line of work. Think of it as a built-in networking opportunity. You might make connections that can help you grow your business now, or that will come in handy down the track. Sometimes it might be as simple as getting guidance and advice from people in a similar stage of their corporate development. Whatever the case, being in a position to interact daily with others in similar circumstances can only benefit you.


Going into business is like going into the unknown. While you know what you want to

achieve and you have put goals in place, you may find you far exceed your expectations. If you rent serviced offices, you have the flexibility to expand and downsize as you need to. Doing so can be far more challenging if you lock yourself into a building lease, or you’ve purchased your office space.

Maintenance and Services

If you’re a sole trader, as 70 percent of US businesses are, it can be hard to stay on top of daily tasks. Not only do you have to wear the manager’s hat, but you have to be the receptionist, customer service, the purchasing department, the accountant, and even the cleaner. When you have a serviced office, maintenance, receptionist, call forwarding, message forwarding, cleaning and a host of other services are all taken care of, giving you more time to focus on what’s important.

Choosing to go into business is a hard decision to make, but you can simplify the process by opting for serviced offices over a traditional leasing setup. If the time is right to head out on your own, look at your options and start your business venture on the right foot.